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Five hints for GAP beginners

  1. Linux and OS X users: Some GAP packages require compilation. Remember to build GAP packages after you have compiled the GAP kernel. To do this, use the InstPackages.sh script as described here.
  2. Windows users: to install GAP, use the .exe installer which you may find here. It will provide a standard installation procedure and adjust the paths in case of installing GAP in a non-default location. NEVER install GAP in path with spaces (e.g. in “My Documents”).
  3. Stay in touch! Subscribe to the GAP Forum. If you are on Twitter, follow @gap_system.
  4. If you need help: ask questions in the GAP Forum, or send them to the GAP Support, or post them at the Mathematics Q&A site. Choose among these three, dependently on the question.
  5. If you think that you’ve found a bug: please create an issue on GitHub or report it by email to GAP Support.