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Research Software Engineering and GAP

This week I was mainly wearing my Research Software Engineer (RSE) hat. RSE support for the GAP system has three related strands: development of the core GAP system; support of package authors and other GAP users; training future users and contributors to the system. They are all important for the thriving community of users and developers, and this week I’ve done something to advance each of them.

First, I’ve prepared a new release of GAP 4.7.9. (more…)

Software Carpentry lesson on GAP

I’ve recently developed the Software Carpentry lesson “Programming with GAP“. This lesson is intended for GAP beginners and has been beta-tested at the Software Carpentry Workshop that we run in Manchester as a part of the First CoDiMa training school in Computational Discrete Mathematics. The lesson itself is available here, and its repository is located here.

What next? I can teach my lesson myself, but is it written clearly enough to be taught by others? Is it possible for the reader to follow it for self-study? Is there any introductory material missing, or is there an interest in having more advanced lesson(s) on some (which?) aspects of the system? If you would like to contribute to its further development, issues and pull requests on GitHub are most welcome!