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GAP with Docker

The GAP Docker container is now upgraded to the latest stable release of GAP 4.8.2, announced in February.

GAP 4.8.2 includes 130 GAP packages, and I am amazed how many of them are in the working order in the container – including all those requiring compilation, with non-trivial dependencies on external libraries and other third-party software. I have previously used the container for GAP 4.7.9 on an Ubuntu machine as a reference GAP installation, and this morning I was thrilled to upgrade it to GAP 4.8.2 using just two commands and waiting for no more than a couple of minutes!

I still haven’t seen GAP Docker container running on Windows – if anyone manages to do that, I would be very glad to know. This would be very beneficial for users of some packages working only in the UNIX environment.