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I have been involved in the EPSRC project “HPC-GAP: High Performance Computational Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” and the EU Framework VI Project “SCIEnce – Symbolic Computation in Europe“.

I am interested in the GAP system and other software for computational abstract algebra and constraint programming, in parallel symbolic computation in various contexts, in groups and group rings and their applications in discrete mathematics.

I developed the following packages for the computational algebra system GAP:

Since 2007 I became a maintainer and continued the development of the OpenMath package which adds OpenMath functionality to GAP and is used by the SCSCP package. Later since 2011 I became a maintainer and continued the development of the Example package which provides a demo/template of a GAP package and further guidelines to package authors. Also I am one of the authors of the Wedderga package for the computation of the Wedderburn decomposition of group algebras. Finally, I am one of the authors of the the Congruence package for computations with congruence subgroups of SL(2,Z).

Besides this, I maintain the GAP Installer for Windows, which provides standard installation procedure that will guide you through all steps of the GAP installation. Since GAP 4.7.6 (November 2014) it became one of the standard formats for the GAP distribution and may be downloaded here. There is also a clickable graph that illustrates dependencies between the GAP packages.