CrossCloud 2019

The 6th Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures & Platforms


What is CrossCloud?

Recent years have witnessed the tremendous growth in the cloud computing market in terms of both, provider competition and customer adoption. However, despite this growth, the cloud computing world still lacks (1) well-defined standards to allow smooth cloud federation, (2) standard programming interfaces to avoid vendor lock-in and (3) large-scale management schemes to harness multi-cloud heterogeneous resources. Systems able to overcome these limitations are called cross-cloud systems. Today’s application providers resorting to multi-cloud architectures still face several challenges in application development and management due to the heterogeneity, high distribution and complexity of cross-cloud systems. CrossCloud is an international workshop series that aims to bring to light issues related to cross-cloud systems, i.e., those that span across multiple cloud provisioning boundaries. CrossCloud’s goal is to bring together a congregation of systems researchers, both from academia and industry, who have relevant knowledge and experience pertaining to designing and assembling cross-cloud architectures, hybrid infrastructures, cloud federations and multi-cloud applications.