The 6th Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures & Platforms

last update: 08 May, 2019

Tuesday 14/05/2019
Room: Diana

09:00 Welcome and opening remarks

09:10 Industry invited talk: “The need for a universal platform for optimized multicloud deployment” by Marta Różańska

Abstract: Multicloud and cross-cloud Cloud Computing models allow for significant benefits for application users. Particularly in terms of cost, performance, security, the multicloud approach outperforms typical single-cloud deployments. On the other hand, there are challenges which need to be addressed in these models. The talk presents the possible approaches, benefits, and challenges as well as a brief presentation of the MELODIC’s platform features, which address the presented challenges.

Bio: Marta Różańska is a researcher and a Java developer at in the MELODIC Horizon 2020 project. Marta obtained her BS and MS degrees from the University of Warsaw, in 2015 and 2018, respectively. Her Master’s thesis investigated the modelling and implementation of user preferences by utility functions in order to evaluate the configuration of cloud application deployments. Marta has published several research papers in this area. She is the lead developer of Utility Generator, one of the key components of the Melodic platform. Marta is also an active student supervisor. Currently, Marta is supervising the work of two student’s teams from the University of Warsaw on the implementation of a reinforcement learning based optimization method using the Monte Carlo Tree Search and advanced neural networks architecture concepts.

10:10 Cross-cloud technologies 1

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Cross-cloud technologies 2

12:40 Closing remarks
13:00 Lunch