Travelling and Accommodation

Dinner Friday:

Dinner on Friday for those who have signed up for it as at

“The Dining Room” chinese restaurant.  Booking at 7pm in the name of “Miguel”.

The Dining Room: 11-13 Crails Lane, KY16 9NR St Andrews


Update: on August 2nd-18th there will be major roadworks at Guardbridge (a village between Leuchars train station and St Andrews) to resurface the bridge; therefore, the journey from Leuchars to St Andrews (affecting not only buses coming from Leuchars and Dundee, but also most of the buses from Glasgow and Edinburgh) may take longer than expected, especially during the peak hours.

If you arrive to Edinburgh by air, we suggest to take an Airlink 100 bus from the airport to the city centre (Haymarket or Waverley stations) and then take a train from Edinburgh to Leuchars.

If you travel by train, there are direct trains to Leuchars from Edinburgh. Travelling from Glasgow, you will have to change the train in Edinburgh or in Dundee. It is also possible to travel from Dundee to St Andrews by bus 99 (or 96 which is a bit slower since it takes a different route).

From Leuchars to St Andrews you may take bus 99 or 06. A taxi from Leuchars to St Andrews may cost 10-15 pounds. The taxi rank is close to the bus stop and normally have several taxis available. In case if there are none, some useful phones to call a taxi:

  • Williamsons 01334 476787
  • Independent 01334 840331
  • Golf City 01334 477788
  • Clubcars 01334 838555

Some practical advises:

  • Bus tickets may be purchased from the driver
  • It is advised to purchase the train ticket at the station, where you may get a discounted price (e.g. an off-peak return ticket dependently on the time of your journey)
  • Alternatively, you may cross the Firth of Forth by bus, taking the Jet 747 bus from the airport either:
    • to Inverkeithing, to take a train to Leuchars, or
    • to Ferrytoll Park & Ride to take the direct Stagecoach X59 bus to St Andrews

The decision whether to go to the central Edinburgh or not is a little optimisation problem with solution depending on the time of the day, since the Forth Road Bridge may be very busy in peak hours and, on the other hand, not all trains stops in Inverkeithing. Ask local organisers for further advice, telling your arrival time, if necessary. It is also possible to book a taxi from the airport to St Andrews.

Finally, you may wish to consider sightseeing in Edinburgh on your way to St Andrews. One extra alternative to get to St Andrews after the peak hours is the Stagecoach X59 bus from the Edinburgh bus station which takes 1 hour 50 minutes, with the last X59 bus leaving on Sunday at 19:55. Please be aware that X60 bus also goes to St Andrews but along a different route which is about 45 minutes longer.

A good journey planner is For more details, see also the “Visiting” section on the University of St Andrews website.


University of St Andrews operates staff parking permits policy. If you arrive by car, please ask local people for an advice about parking places where you can park without parking permit. The recommended choice is the Petheram Bridge car park which provides free parking and is conveniently located for those arriving from North by A91.


For those who have paid  full residential costs during registration or received a SICSA-sponsored free place as a PhD student in Computer Science at Scottish University, accommodation is booked at McIntosh Hall (number 22 in the sector H-2 on the St Andrews Town Map). It is centrally located with only a short walk from the school venue, the bus station, the centre of the town, the West Sands beach, the Old Course and many other attractions.

The check-in at McIntosh Hall is open from 2pm. The reception is open until 11pm. If you will arrive later, there will be a sign on the door giving you a phone number to call to check-in. The check-out time is 10am.