Armadillo is Virtual World client aimed at supporting immersive interactions. It aims to support hands free input (via the Kinect or other NUI devices) and immersive output (via multiple screens and fisheye projection). It’s purpose is to serve as a research platform for experimenting with immersive technology and also as a practical platform to be used by educators, museum curators or anyone else wishing to explore immersive interaction in Virtual Worlds.

The first prototype of Armadillo has been built. It is a modified version of the Second Life client and supports moving forward, flying up and down and controlling pitch and yaw, all done via the Kinect. There is a video demonstrating Armadillo in action here. You can download the prototype here. You can read more about the design behind Armadillo in the paper Gonna Build me a TARDIS: Virtual Worlds as a platform for Immersive Interactive Experience, available here.

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