1. Basic. A really basic demo. Shows initialising a device, taking the difference between two joint Vectors and outputting the difference to console whenever it changes.

2. Advanced. A more advanced demo. Shows initialising a device, getting the position of two joints and setting a listener so that every update the depth frame is taken, converted to colour, overlaid with the position of the joints and displayed.

3. Slideshow. A simple slideshow. To go to the next image make a fist with your right hand or wave with your right hand. To go to the previous image wave or make a fist with your left hand.

4. Movement. Use Kinect skeletal data to control avatar movement. The demo displays a simple ASCII output showing what movement controls are being triggered.

5. Armadillo. A modified Second Life viewer that uses the exact same code as the movement demo but takes the inputs and uses them to move the avatar in the virtual world. The source code is not currently available.

All demos bar Armadillo are available in the “demos” solution. They also have make targets with the form DEMO_<name>[_D/_V/_DV].

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