Busy Weeks

The last few weeks have been a busy time with conferences and events up and down Scotland. We had a great time at Timespan‘s True North Conference, listening to a fascinating variety of talks about archiving and the evolving future of the north of Scotland. As part of the conference we had a chance to have a go on the their 3D printing equipment which they are working with in collaboration with MAKLab. On our way south we popped in on the gang at Groam House to gather material about the Rosemarkie Stone and George Bain.

Back down south we have been at the STA and ETAG tourism conferences in Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively. Both conferences were platforms to meet all sorts of interesting people and get a window into all the fantastic things that are happening in the tourism industry across Scotland. The ETAG conference coincided with the recent solar eclipse, we had a great view from the Sheraton hotel.

Finally John spent a lovely weekend in North Uist with the gang at Taigh Chearsabhagh. As part of the trip we were lucky enough to be part in a ceilidh remembering the impact of WWI on the community. The purpose of the trip was to gather material about the the war and North Uist for an exhibit which will be installed in the museum in May.

View past Kallin Harbour, Grimsey, North Uist.
View past Kallin Harbour, Grimsey, North Uist.

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