Come and Play at MUSA

This weekend the team are at MUSA (the Museum of the University of St Andrews) demonstrating our various reconstructions and the ways they are presented. If you you are in St Andrews feel free to drop by and explore the Cathedral, Eyemouth Fort, the Caen Township and various other models. We will be in MUSA’s learning loft between 12 and… Read more →

One Step Closer to the Holodeck

The Open Virtual Worlds team have been working away at combining the Oculus Rift, The Kinect and our ever expanding catalogue of historical reconstructions to allow users to travel back in time. By Taking the CtrlAltStudio Virtual World viewer, adding the kinect movement bindings developed for the Chimera project (integrated using the NuiLib API) users can stand freely in the… Read more →

Digital Heritage Congress

This week the Open Virtual Worlds team are in Marseille at the UNICEF Digital Heritage Congress. The team are presenting 4 separate papers showcasing their work using Virtual World technology for a range of applications in Cultural Heritage. One of the papers will focus on the team’s flagship reconstruction, the model of the St Andrews Cathedral circa 1318. Part of… Read more →

Caen in the Mist

A new video has been produced of the Caen Township model. This video is a flythrough that focuses on the parts of the model which were modified to reflect an archaeological dig which took place on the real world site earlier in the summer. The dig was organised by the Timespan Museum and Arts Centre in Helsmdale, Sutherland, Scotland. Read more →

Architecting Scalable Academic Virtual World Grids: A Case Utilizing OpenSimulator

A second article from Journal of Virtual World Research, this time focusing on education and virtual worlds, and again featuring work from St Andrews: Architecting Scalable Academic Virtual World Grids: A Case Utilizing OpenSimulator Charles J. Lesko, Yolanda A. Hollingsworth To better understand the technological requirements of academic institutions looking to implement an OpenSimulator virtual world grid, an observational study… Read more →

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

This new paper in the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research provides a nice overview of  “Virtual Archaeology in Second Life and OpenSimulator” “Traditional approaches to virtual archaeology include dealing with research methods to capture information from heritage sites, creating models out of that information and how to present them to the public; these are intense technical procedures which might be… Read more →

The Madras Experience

Pupils from Madras College in St Andrews had an opportunity to interact with the virtual reconstruction of St Andrews Cathedral earlier this month. After classroom presentations on Monday and Tuesday, pupils used the 3D reconstruction to complete a task sheet on Wednesday and Thursday to reveal interesting facts about the cathedral, medieval characters and lifestyles. Robert the Bruce was in-world… Read more →

Open Virtual Worlds News

What’s happening at  Open Virtual Worlds? The Palace and the Cathedral go to Paris. The 3D reconstruction of Linlithgow Palace and St Andrews Cathedral will feature at the Immersive Education Initiative (IED) Paris Summit later this month. CJ and John will be at MetaMeets “The Art of Creation : Virtuality meets Reality” 2012 in Holland. John’s Routing Island world was… Read more →