3D Reconstructions

All the Virtual World based reconstructions, some work in progress, created by the Open Virtual Worlds team. All reconstructions can be accessed via the apollo grid.


St Andrews Cathedral
14th Century Medieval Cathedral.
Linlithgow Palace
15th Century palace for the Scottish royal family.
Caen Township
19th Century Scottish Highland township, pre highland clearances.
Spartan Basilica
Basilica in Sparta. The first model the team completed.
Martyr’s Church
A Parish church in St Andrews.
St Salvator’s Chapel
15th Century Chapel.
St Andrews Castle
An accurate reconstruction of the Castle in 1520.
Mosfell Viking Longhouse
Icelandic Viking Longhouse.



Virtual Histories Project
St Kilda
The remotest land in the British Isles. A UNESCO world heritage site for both culture and wildlife.
Eyemouth fort
English and French forts on the border between England and Scotland.
Fethaland Fishing Station
17th-19th century fishing station in the Northermost part of the mainland of Shetland.
Brora Salt Pans
Salt pans at Brora.


All reconstructions are hosted on the Apollo grid:


To create a login for the grid and download a viewer please go to our Connect page.

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