Eyemouth Fort 1557

Virtual Histories Project –  Eyemouth Museum

The Virtual Histories Project is a collaboration between four museums (Eyemouth Museum, Shetland Museum, Taigh Chearsabhagh and Timespan) and the University of St Andrews School of Computer Science, The School of History and the SCAPE Trust.

In the 1980’s Dr David Caldwell conducted excavations at the fort, with his knowledge and archaeological evidence, along with historical research undertaken in the School of History we have created a virtual representation of how we believe the fort may have looked in 1557.

The local community have been very proactive in promoting the significance of this historical fort and local landmark, with much involvement with this project from Friends of the Fort.

A short fly-though of our 3D reconstruction, showing the location and scale of the Fort at Eyemouth as we believe it would have looked in 1557.

The Eyemouth model recreates the English and French fortifications above the town. Constructed during the ‘Rough Wooing’ in the sixteenth century Eyemouth Fort played a pivotal role in the relationship between Scotland, England and France. All that remain today are the enormous earthworks, and it can be difficult to understand the remains without seeing them from the air.


This interactive museum exhibit was launched in Eyemouth Museum on 21st June 2014, whereby visitors to the museum are able to watch a guided tour of the reconstruction and ‘play’ the fort via an Xbox controller, walking around the fort and touching on interactive points, gaining access to further information on the history of the fort.

“This is an absolutely tremendous development – I had never quite anticipated just how substantial and significant fortification to Eyemouth Fort was, and nor had I had an appreciation of how sophisticated its defences were. The team who have pulled this together deserve enormous praise for bringing this period of Eyemouth’s and Scotland’s history to life in such an interactive and exciting way. I really look forward to seeing this become a must see exhibit – here, in Eyemouth. Thank you!”

Paul Wheelhouse MSP
Member of Scottish Parliament for South Scotland

You can read more about community involvement and school visits connected to this project on the SCHARP Blog.

Virtual Histories Project - funded by Historic Scotland and Heritage Lottery Fund
Virtual Histories Project – funded by Historic Scotland and Heritage Lottery Fund

  3 comments for “Eyemouth Fort 1557

  1. Brian McGarrigle
    March 2, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Superb – simply superb!

    I have visited the site many times but it’s ‘down at the heel’ appearance makes its hard to roll back the centuries. This is the most important artillery fort in the British Isles yet ignored by all except by those fortunate to have specialist knowledge. It is good to see the later French improvements and not just those of the English.

    Perhaps this might be the first stage of rehabilitating the site?

    • sarah
      March 2, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Thank you!

      Yes, we worked closely with experts and the local community who are very driven and committed to put Eyemouth Fort “Back on the Map” this project is far from over, for more information about the work they are doing to move this forward you can see a presentation they gave at the Community Heritage Conference last November:

      Friends of the Fort – Facebook

  2. Brian McGarrigle
    March 17, 2015 at 8:02 am

    I have placed your link on the website of ‘The Scottish Castles Association’ http://www.scottishcastlesassociation.com of which I am a member, to give it publicity and to highlight just what can be achieved by a local group.

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