ParaFormance for Visual Studio Code

ParaFormance is a spin-out venture from the school of Computer Science (www.paraformance), that aims to democratise the programming of parallel C/C++ applications. ParaFormance allows C/C++ developers on x86 and ARM to expose, diagnose and introduce multi-core code into their applications. Discover the multi-core opportunities by running our hot spot discovery, refactor your application to introduce openMP and TBB calls automatically, and check the parallelised code for thready safety issues, such as race conditions, deadlocks, variable collisions and more.


Currently ParaFormance supports both Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 for Windows, and Eclipse for Linux and Mac. This project would require you to port ParaFormance to a different editor/IDE system, such as Visual Studio Code, or release a headless version to integrate with e.g. emacs and VIM. This project requires IDE and HCI knowledge and replicating IDE functionality from the VS and Eclipse versions (including, reporting, previewing, highlighting, preferences, refactoring, safety errors, discovery reporting).