Technology for the benefit of Non-human beings

Many technologies developed today focus on gratification for human beings. Tracking people’s behaviours and self-tracking through personal devices is used for several different reasons but rarely is it used for self-reflection that benefits others beyond the user. There is a lack of interactive technologies which help humans to have an understand of how their actions support or harm non-human beings in the world.

Interactive technologies could be designing with an agenda to either explicitly or subtly encourage humans to consider how their actions impact non-human living organisms. For example, human impact on biodiversity, green spaces, insect or animal welfare or more broadly climate change. The project has a Human Computer Interaction focus with a goal to create an interactive prototype in response to the topic. There could be a focus on informative, playful or fun interactions in order to engage people with consideration for non-human beings. A key motivation is to consider how interaction with technology could support the ecologies of non-human life, when humans are interacting in the world.

There will be four mains part to the project:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation


Here is some more detail of what the four main parts will involve:

  • A literature review
  • The design of a prototype with a focus on HCI methods, including generating several concepts for an interactive experience focusing on the topic
  • Implement an interactive prototype which supports tangible physical interaction using hardware such as input sensors and output actuators. Arduino, web cameras, raspberry pi or microphones are some of the hardware options available but the project is not limited to these.
  • An evaluation of the prototype


Some experience with implementing interactive hardware and software is strongly preferred.