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GAP 4.10.1 release

GAP 4.10.1 has been released in February 2019 and can be downloaded from the GAP website here. In addition to updates in the core GAP system, it contains 145 packages, including updated versions of 35 packages from GAP 4.10.0 distribution, and also five new packages:

  • MajoranaAlgebras by Markus Pfeiffer and Madeleine Whybrow, which constructs Majorana representations of finite groups.
  • PackageManager by Michael Torpey, providing a collection of functions for installing and removing GAP packages, with the
    eventual aim of becoming a full pip-style package manager for the GAP system.
  • Thelma by Victor Bovdi and Vasyl Laver, implementing algorithms to deal with threshold elements.
  • walrus by Markus Pfeiffer, providing methods for proving hyperbolicity of finitely presented groups in polynomial time.
  • YangBaxter by Leandro Vendramin and Olexandr Konovalov, which provides functionality to construct classical and skew braces, and also includes a database of classical and skew braces of small orders.

See the release overview in the Changes manual and the release announcement in the GAP Forum for further details.