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Collaborative Visits Programme

For members of the UK computational discrete mathematics community, CoDiMa may have an opportunity to provide full or partial travel support for:

  • short research visits for collaborative research and software development work
  • attending conferences and workshops to promote mathematical software there by means of lectures and tutorials, and/or to learn crucial details necessary to implement mathematical algorithms

To apply for the travel support, please fill in this form and send it to obk1@st-andrews.ac.uk with the subject “CoDiMa Travel Support”. We consider applications every two months. In 2019, the remaining deadline for submitting applications for the next round is December 15th. We will review your application and will inform you on the outcome shortly after the deadline. The main evaluation criteria are the focus of the proposed activity on the research software within the remits of the CoDiMa project, and its value for the UK computational discrete mathematics community.

If you wish to discuss your intended application informally prior to submitting the form, please also write to obk1@st-andrews.ac.uk. You may also find examples of some activities supported since the beginning of the project by looking at the blog posts in the “visits” category.

After the visit took place, we will ask you to fill in this form and sent it to obk1@st-andrews.ac.uk with the subject “CoDiMa Travel Report”. We will publish a short note on your visit on the CoDiMa website. We would also welcome your guest blog post if you would like to give a more detailed account on the activity (and we would welcome guest blog posts on any other aspects of mathematical software as well).

For the reimbursement of your expenses after the trip, you will need to fill in and submit an online expenses claim form following the procedure described here. When you will be ready to do this, please send an email to obk1@st-andrews.ac.uk to ask to generate a new form and send you the link. Your expenses will be reimbursed according to the University of St Andrews expenses policy.