Siobhán Clarke (Trinity College Dublin): Exploring Autonomous Behaviour in Open, Complex Systems (School Seminar)

Event details

  • When: 29th November 2017 14:00 - 15:00
  • Where: Cole 1.33a
  • Series: School Seminar Series
  • Format: Seminar

Modern, complex systems are likely to execute in open environments (e.g., applications running over the Internet of Things), where changes are frequent and have the potential to cause significant negative consequences for the application. A better understanding of the dynamics in the environment will enable applications to better automate planning for change and remain resilient in the face of loss of data sources through, for example, mobility or
battery loss. This talk explores our recent work on autonomous applications in such open, complex systems. The approaches include a brief look at early work on more static, multi-layer system and change modelling, through to multi-agent systems that learn and adapt to changes in the environment, and finally collaborative models for emergent behaviour detection, and for resource sharing. I discuss the work in the context of smart cities applications, such as transport, energy and emergency response.

Speaker Bio:
Siobhán Clarke is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. She joined Trinity in 2000, having previously worked for over ten years as a software engineer for IBM. Her current research focus is on software engineering models for the provision of smart and dynamic software services to urban stakeholders, addressing challenges in the engineering of dynamic software in ad hoc, mobile environments. She has published over 170 papers including in journals such as IEEE/ACM Transactions (TAAS, TSC, TSE, TECS, TMC, TODAES) and conference proceedings including in ICSE, OOPSLA, AAMAS, ICSOC, SEAMS, SASO. She is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Principal Investigator, exploring an Internet of Things middleware for adaptable, urban-scale
software services.

Prof. Clarke is the founding Director of Future Cities, the Trinity Centre for Smart and Sustainable Cities, with contributors from a range of disciplines, including Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Social Science, Geography, Law, Business and the Health Sciences. She is also Director for Enable, a national collaboration between industry and seven Higher Education Institutes funded by both SFI and the industry partners, which is
focused on connecting communities to smart urban environments through the Internet of Things. Enable links three SFI Research Centres: Connect, Insight and Lero, bringing together world-class research on future networks, data analytics and software engineering.

Prof. Clarke leads the School’s Distributed Systems Group, and was elected Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2006.