07-04-2020School Seminar: Sara Thomas (Wikimedia UK)Seminar
17-02-2020Georgios Gerasimou (University of St Andrews): Frontiers in computational revealed preference analysisSeminar
11-02-2020Modern practices of sharing computational researchTalk
11-02-2020Nguyen Dang (University of St Andrews): Hyper-Parameter Tuning for an evolutionary algorithmSeminar
04-02-2020Matt Blackledge (Institute of Cancer Research): Clinical Computational Imaging: Perspectives in OncologySeminar
03-02-2020Philippe Palanque (University of Toulouse): Harnessing Usability, UX and Dependability for Interactions in Safety Critical ContextsSeminar
28-01-2020School seminar: Interactions between Group Theory, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computation - talk by Delaram Kahrobaei (York)Seminar
08-01-2020Blindness seminarSeminar
11-12-2019IBANS drop-in session
19-11-2019Rob Stewart (Heriot-Watt University): Reliable Parallel Computing using Model CheckingSeminar
12-11-2019Bran Knowles (Lancaster University): Understanding older adults' distrust of digital technologySeminar
05-11-2019Jan De Muijnck-Hughes (University of Glasgow): LightClick: A Linear Typed Orchestration Language for System-On-A-Chip DesignsSeminar
25-10-2019Max L. Wilson (University of Nottingham): Brain-based HCI – What could brain data can tell us HCISeminar
18-10-2019Daniel S. Katz (University of Illinois): Parsl: Pervasive Parallel Programming in PythonSeminar
15-10-2019Ankush Jhalani (Bloomberg): Building Near Real-Time News SearchSeminar
08-10-2019DLS: Multimodal human-computer interaction: past, present and futureDistinguished lecture
23-09-2019Software Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop
26-06-2019Graduation Reception: Wednesday 26th Junegraduation
19-06-2019MIP Modelling Made ManageableLecture, Seminar
10-06-2019St Andrews Bioinformatics Workshop 10/06/19Lecture, Talk, Workshop
30-04-2019Juho Rousu: Predicting Drug Interactions with Kernel MethodsSeminar
23-04-2019Lewis McMillan (St Andrews): Parallel Computer Simulations of Light-Tissue Interactions for Applications in Medicine, Cosmetics Industry and Biophotonics Research (School Seminar)Seminar
09-04-2019Hugh Leather (Edinburgh): Deep Learning for Compilers (School Seminar)Seminar
08-04-2019Distinguished Lecture Series: Formal Approaches to Quantitative EvaluationDistinguished lecture
02-04-2019Rachel Menzies (Dundee): Unlocking Accessible Escape Rooms: Is Technology the Key? (School Seminar)Seminar
19-03-2019Paul-Olivier Dehaye: From Cambridge Analytica to the future of online services: a personal journey (School Seminar)Seminar
13-03-2019Scottish Programming Languages Seminar, Wednesday March 13thSeminar
12-03-2019Marina Romanchikova (NPL): How good are our data? Measuring the data quality at National Physical Laboratory (School Seminar)Seminar
26-02-2019Lauren Roberts & Peter Michalák (Newcastle): Automating the Placement of Time Series Models for IoT Healthcare Applications (School Seminar)Seminar
19-02-2019Quintin Cutts (Glasgow): Re-imagining software engineering education through the apprenticeship lens (School Seminar)Seminar
05-02-2019Ian Gent (St Andrews): The Winnability of Klondike and Many Other Single-Player Card Games (School Seminar)Seminar
29-01-2019Emanuele Trucco (Dundee): Retinal image analysis and beyond in Scotland: the VAMPIRE project (School Seminar)Seminar
14-01-2019Population and Behavioural Sciences Division workshop and seminarSeminar
12-12-2018DHSI Seminar: Wednesday 12th DecemberSeminar
04-12-2018Alexander Konovalov (St Andrews): How to teach basic research computing skills? (School Seminar)Seminar
29-11-2018School Seminar: Jason Alexander (Lancaster University) - What would you do if you could touch your data?Seminar
27-11-2018Carron Shankland (Stirling): How did I get here? Being and becoming a professor (School Seminar)Seminar
20-11-2018Judith Rauhofer (Edinburgh): The Internet of Bodies - What could possibly go wrong? (School Seminar)Seminar
13-11-2018DLS: Scalable Intelligent Systems by 2025 (Carl Hewitt)Distinguished lecture
01-11-2018SRG Seminar: "Large-Scale Hierarchical k-means for Heterogeneous Many-Core Supercomputers" by Teng YuSeminar, Talk
30-10-2018Iain Bate (York): Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Embedded Systems and Future Challenges (School Seminar)Seminar
29-10-2018School Seminar - Professor Anirudha Joshi: The story of Swarachakra - Cracking the puzzle of text input in Indian languagesSeminar
26-10-2018St Andrews Research Open-day in Computer ScienceConference, Symposium, Visiting Day
23-10-2018Pascal Bruegger: Resident Monitoring SystemSeminar
18-10-2018School Seminar - Professor Patrick Olivier - Digital Civics: Infrastructuring Participatory CitizenshipSeminar
18-10-2018SRG Seminar: "Using Metric Space Indexing for Complete and Efficient Record Linkage" by Özgür AkgünSeminar
17-10-2018DHSI Seminar - Wednesday 17th OctoberSeminar
16-10-2018Alan Dix (Swansea): Sufficient Reason (School Seminar)Seminar
12-10-2018Alyssa Goodman (Harvard): Visualization and the Universe (School Seminar)Seminar
11-10-2018SRG Seminar: "Efficient Cross-architecture Hardware Virtualisation" by Tom SpinkSeminar, Talk
09-10-2018Becky Plummer (Bloomberg): Engineering Software to Last (School Seminar)Seminar
03-10-2018Google@St Andrews
02-10-2018Michael O'Boyle (Edinburgh): Heteregeneous Thinking (School Seminar)Seminar
25-09-2018Nathan Carter (Bentley University): Lurch: software for immediate feedback for students in a first proof course (School Seminar)Seminar
21-08-2018Fable-based Learning: Seminar by Prof Jimmy LeeSeminar
17-08-2018DHSI Seminar SeriesSeminar
07-08-2018Workshop on Using Video in CS EducationWorkshop
06-08-2018Seminar: SMT, Planning and SnowmenSeminar
06-08-2018SICSA Workshop on Learning Analytics in EducationWorkshop
21-06-2018S4 First Chances @ Computer ScienceSummer School
07-06-2018SACHI Seminar: Alessio Malizia - User Experience: a step towards Natural User Interfaces.Seminar
25-05-2018Why Homotopy type Theory (HoTT) matters – Professor Thorsten AltenkirchSeminar
17-05-2018The OpenMP and MPI refactoring with ParaFormance – Turkey AlsalkiniTalk
01-05-2018Matthew Rice (Open Rights Group): Do we need the Third Sector in the debate about technology and ethics? (School Seminar)Seminar
24-04-2018Arnau Erola (Oxford): Corporate Insider Threat Detection (School Seminar)Seminar
24-04-2018SRG Seminar: "Introduction to Apache Mesos and the DataCenter Operating System" by Matt JarvisSeminar
17-04-2018Marwan Fayed (St Andrews): Quality of Experience Fairness for Adaptive Video Streams in the Network (School Seminar)Seminar
12-04-2018SACHI Seminar: Klen Čopič Pucihar - The Missing Interface: Micro Gestures on Objects for Augmented Reality InteractionSeminar
12-04-2018SACHI Seminar: Matjaž Kljun - Large scale studies of habit changing interface designSeminar
12-04-2018SRG Seminar: "Application of Bayesian Nonparametric in household human activity recognition" by Lei FangSeminar
10-04-2018Alice Miller (Glasgow): Probabilistic model checking for UAV strategy generation (School Seminar)Seminar
05-04-2018A Type-System for describing System-on-a-Chip Architectures – Jan De Muijnck-HughesTalk
03-04-2018Elliott Brooks (The HUT Group): Technology at The HUT Group (School Seminar)Seminar
02-04-2018Diderot: A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis and Visualization – John ReppySeminar
15-03-2018SRG Seminar: "On Engineering Unikernels" by Ward JaradatSeminar
22-02-2018Simplifying ARM concurrency – Prof. Susmit SarkarTalk
20-02-2018Karen Petrie (Dundee): A case study of Facebook use: outlining a multi-layer strategy for higher education (School Seminar)Seminar
16-02-2018Compositional Coinduction with Sized Types – Dr. Andreas AbelSeminar
14-02-2018Kitty Meeks (Glasgow): Exploiting structure in multi-layer networks: a case study on motif counting (School Seminar)Seminar
13-02-2018DLS: Functional Foundations for Operating SystemsDistinguished lecture
08-02-2018Impact Talk: Xelect LtdSeminar, Talk
06-02-2018Kami Vaniea (Edinburgh): Usable Security: From URLs to Updates (School Seminar)Seminar
30-01-2018Cecilia Mascolo (Cambridge): Systems, Models and Learning: From mobile devices to mobile data (School Seminar)Seminar
23-01-2018Adriana Wilde (St Andrews): Rising to challenges in assessment, feedback and encouraging gender diversity in computing (School Seminar)Seminar
12-12-2017Pireh Pirzada: Sensors in Smart Homes for independent living of elderly peopleSeminar, Talk
08-12-2017Salesforce Graduate Opportunities
07-12-2017School Graduation Reception
07-12-2017Dr. Vladimir Janjic – Efficient Dynamic Mapping of Parallel Applications to NUMA Architectures by Reinforcement LearningTalk
05-12-2017Edgar Chavez (CICESE): The Metric Approach to Reverse Searching (School Seminar)Seminar
30-11-2017"Sensing and topology: some ideas by other people, and an early experiment" by Simon DobsonSeminar
30-11-2017Model Checking and Cache Coherence Protocols – Dr. Ruth HoffmannTalk
29-11-2017Siobhán Clarke (Trinity College Dublin): Exploring Autonomous Behaviour in Open, Complex Systems (School Seminar)Seminar
22-11-2017Computational Approaches for Accurate, Automated and Safe Cancer Care - HIG SeminarSeminar
22-11-2017Bidirectional-Curious? – Dr. Conor McBrideTalk
16-11-2017SACHI Seminar - Florian Echtler (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): Instant InteractionSeminar
15-11-2017SRG Seminar: "Interactional Justice vs. The Paradox of Self-Amendment and the Iron Law of Oligarchy" by Jeremy PittSeminar
14-11-2017Emma Hart (Edinburgh Napier): Lifelong Learning in Optimisation (School Seminar)Seminar
09-11-2017"Ambient intelligence with sensor networks" by Lucas Amos and "Location, Location, Location: Exploring Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Pricing Across Geographical Regions" by Nnamdi Ekwe-EkweSeminar
09-11-2017Towards Refinement by Resolution in Dependent Type Theory - František FarkaTalk
07-11-2017Jessie Kennedy (Edinburgh Napier): Visualization and Taxonomy (School Seminar)Seminar
02-11-2017Thesis Summary Presentation - Adam BarwellTalk
01-11-2017SACHI Seminar: Alix Goguey (University of Saskatchewan) - Augmenting touch expressivity to improve the touch modalitySeminar
26-10-2017"A Decentralised Multimodal Integration of Social Signals: A Bio-Inspired Approach" by Esma Benssassi and "Plug and Play Bench: Simplifying Big Data Benchmarking Using Containers" by Sheriffo CeesaySeminar
24-10-2017Barnaby Martin (Durham): The Complexity of Quantified Constraints (School Seminar)Seminar
17-10-2017Mark Olleson (Bloomberg): Super-sized mobile apps: getting the foundations right (School Seminar)Seminar
12-10-2017SRG Seminar: "Adaptive Multisite Computation Offloading in Mobile Clouds" by Dawand Sulaiman and "Topological Ranking-Based Resource Scheduling for Multi-Accelerator Systems" by Teng YuSeminar
10-10-2017DLS: What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Computer HistoryDistinguished lecture
06-10-2017Semantics for probabilistic programming - Dr Chris Heunen
04-10-2017Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research Cambridge) School SeminarSeminar
29-09-2017Maja Popović (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): (Dis)similarity Metrics for Texts (School Seminar)Seminar
28-09-2017SRG Seminar: "Simulating a pulmonary tuberculosis infection using a network-based metapopulation model" by Michael Pitcher and "A Fake City of People: Modeling the Co-evolution of City and Citizens" by Xue GuoSeminar
26-09-2017Daniel Sorin (Duke University): Designing Formally Verifiable Cache Coherence Protocol (School Seminar)Seminar
19-09-2017Felipe Meneguzzi (PUCRS): Plan Recognition in the Real World (School Seminar)Seminar
25-08-2017DHSI Seminar SeriesSeminar
17-07-2017Monads and Lenses - Dr James CheneyColloquium, Seminar
05-07-2017SACHI Seminar: Benjamin Bach - Between Exploration and Explanation: Visualizations for Insights, Curiosity, and StorytellingSeminar
04-07-2017Dr. Ornela Dardha' talk: Session Types RevisitedSeminar
27-06-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr. Christopher Collins - Finding What to Read: Visual Text Analytics Tools and Techniques to Guide InvestigationSeminar
23-06-2017Seminar: Propagation and Reification: SAT and SMT in Prolog (continued)Seminar
15-06-2017SACHI Seminar: Daniel Vogel, University of WaterlooSeminar
14-06-2017DHSI Seminar Series (Digital Health Science Initiative)Seminar
05-06-2017Simon Fowler Seminar: First-Class Distributed Session TypesSeminar
01-06-2017SRG Seminar: Evaluation Techniques for Detection Model Performance in Anomaly Network Intrusion Detection System by Amjad Al TobiSeminar
30-05-2017SACHI Seminar: Mike Hazas, Lancaster UniversitySeminar
18-05-2017SRG Seminar: New Network Functionality using ILNPv6 and DNS by Khawar ShehzadSeminar
18-05-2017Workshop on Considering Technology through a Philosophical LensWorkshop
04-05-2017SRG Seminar: Investigation of Virtual Network Isolation Security in Cloud Computing Using Penetration Testing by Haifa Al NasseriTalk
26-04-2017SCONE (SCOttish Networking Event)Workshop
24-04-2017Translational Research into Common Psychiatric Disorders, Professor Douglas Steele, Professor of Neuroimaging / Consultant Psychiatrist, University of DundeeColloquium, Seminar, Talk
22-04-2017Event: 'Space School' - Save the dateWorkshop
20-04-2017SRG Seminar: "Evaluating Data Linkage: Creation and use of synthetic data for comprehensive linkage evaluation" by Tom Dalton and "Container orchestration" by Uchechukwu AwadaSeminar
11-04-2017SACHI Seminar: Andrés Lucero - Co-Designed, Collocated & Playful Mobile InteractionsSeminar
06-04-2017SRG Seminar: nMANET, the Name-based Data Network (NDN) for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) by Percy Perez AruniSeminar
04-04-2017Seeing the Wood for the Trees - Essential Structure in Model-based Search by Prof. John McCallSeminar
03-04-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr Hagen Lehmann - Social interaction characteristics for socially acceptable robotsSeminar
31-03-2017DLS: Algorithms for healthcare-related matching problemsDistinguished lecture
23-03-2017SRG Seminar: Managing Shared Mutable Data in a Distributed Environment (Simone Conte)Seminar
22-03-2017Scottish Programming Languages SeminarWorkshop
17-03-2017Seminar: Slave to the Algo-Rhythm? Awaiting the Law Cavalry (Professor Lilian Edwards, Strathclyde)Seminar
09-03-2017SRG Seminar: Cloud scheduling algorithms by Long ThaiSeminar
08-03-2017Implementing Event-Driven Microservices Architecture using Functional programmingColloquium, Seminar
06-03-2017 "Unfrying your brain with F#"  Andrea Magnorsky, Workday Software LtdColloquium, Seminar
06-03-2017Data and the User Experience in RetailSeminar
28-02-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr Alice Toniolo – An argumentation-based approach to facilitate and improve human reasoningSeminar
27-02-2017The technology driving the evolution of internet advertising, targeted advertising or intrusive surveillance?Colloquium, Seminar
27-02-2017Seminar: The technology driving the evolution of internet advertising, targeted advertising or intrusive surveillance?Seminar
23-02-2017Type-Driven Development of Communicating Systems using IdrisColloquium, Seminar, Talk
14-02-2017SACHI Seminar: The design of digital technologies to support transitional events in the human lifespanSeminar
31-01-2017SACHI Seminar - The Collaborative Design of Tangible Interactions in MuseumsSeminar
15-12-2016Seminar: Jacob Howe on Propagation and ReificationSeminar
13-12-2016Talk: Using cost models of algorithmic skeletonsTalk
01-12-2016Seminar: Alice Toniolo on Computational ArgumentationSeminar
18-11-2016SACHI Seminar: Roderick Murray-Smith, University of GlasgowSeminar
18-11-2016Children in Need 2016
16-11-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-11-2016Multi-modal Indoor Positioning: Trends and Challenges by Prof. Niki Trigoni, Oxford UniversitySeminar, Talk
07-11-2016DLS: Distributed Systems and Sensing by Prof. Julie McCannDistinguished lecture
01-11-2016SACHI Seminar - Dr Rebecca Fiebrink: Goldsmiths University of LondonSeminar
26-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
25-10-2016Quicker Sort by Dietmar Kühl, Bloomberg L.P.Seminar, Talk
19-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
14-10-2016SACHI Seminar: Trevor Hogan, Data and Dasein - A Phenomenology of Human-Data RelationsSeminar
11-10-2016Running Before We have Evolved Legs: The Gap Between Theory and Practice in Evolutionary Algorithms by Prof. John McCallSeminar
06-10-2016SACHI Seminar: Professor Chris Reed - Argument Technology and Argument MiningSeminar
05-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
30-09-2016MacMillan Coffee Morning
28-09-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
27-09-2016School Seminar: "The path to Cellular IoT and the promise of 5G" by Frankie GarciaSeminar
16-09-2016SACHI Seminar: Touching the future with Matt JonesSeminar
08-09-2016Seminar: A Changing Landscape: Securing The Internet Of Things (IoT)Seminar
25-07-2016International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
27-06-2016International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
27-06-2016Sutton Trust Summer School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
17-06-2016Teachers Together @ Computer ScienceTalk
16-06-2016First Chances @ Computer ScienceSummer School
13-05-2016Are there still two cultures?
20-04-2016Elise van den Hoven : Materialising Memories: a design research programme to study everyday rememberingSeminar
13-04-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-04-2016Daniel Archambault : Effective Visualisation of Static and Dynamic GraphsSeminar
06-04-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
05-04-2016Keith Cheverst: Investigating the Shared Curation of Locative Media relating to the Local History of a Rural CommunitySeminar
31-03-2016Distinguished Lecture Series: Reminder of next event - ‘CS for All’ by President Maria KlaweDistinguished lecture
31-03-2016Distinguished Lecture Series: 'CS for All' by President Maria KlaweDistinguished lecture
30-03-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
29-03-2016School Seminar 'Closure Experiences in Digital Product Design' by Joe MacleodSeminar, Talk
09-03-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
23-02-2016Seminar: "Data Exploration on Smart watches" by Dr Rachel MenziesSeminar, Talk
09-02-2016School Seminar: 'Probabilistic Formal Analysis of App Usage to Inform Redesign' by Oana AndreiSeminar
26-01-2016School Seminar 'Paraphrase Generation from Latent-Variable PCFGs for Semantic Parsing' by Shashi NarayanSeminar, Talk
17-12-2015The scientific life of Ada LovelaceTalk
30-11-20152014/15 Graduation Reception on St Andrews Day
24-11-2015Seminar: "Interaction, Embodiment and Technologies in Early Learning" by Dr Andrew ManchesSeminar, Talk
16-11-2015Distinguished Lecture: 'Scalability and Fault-tolerance, are they the same?' by Joe ArmstrongDistinguished lecture
13-11-2015Children in Need Bake Sale 2015
11-11-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
10-11-2015IEEE talks: JEEVES and the Speculative W@nderverseTalk
03-11-2015Seminar: 'How to deliver Software Projects and be a Brilliant Software Developer' by Howard Simms (Apadmi)Seminar
28-10-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
20-10-2015Seminar: 'Trading Programs - How the Finance industry has become so complex that today's products are similar to programs' by Joel BjornsonSeminar
14-10-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
13-10-2015Talk: 'This is a Google Talk' - by James SmithTalk
13-10-2015Seminar: 'Measuring Personalization of Online Services' by Alan MisloveSeminar
06-10-2015Seminar: 'Formalizing Garbage: Mathematical Models of Memory Management' by Jeremy SingerSeminar, Talk
30-09-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
29-09-2015Seminar: 'Designing trusted and engaging forms of peer to peer healthcare' by Pam BriggsSeminar
23-09-2015Inaugural Lecture: 'Constraint Satisfaction and the Crystal Maze' by Professor Ian MiguelLecture
22-09-2015Seminar: 'Disrupting trillion dollar industries using low power wireless sensor networks' by Raphael Scheps and Gideon FarrellSeminar
20-09-2015Dr Roy Dyckhoff, Hon. Senior Lecturer: 'Coherentisation of first-order logic'Conference, Talk
14-08-2015Toward Workflow Management for Experimental Science?Seminar
03-08-2015ELT Science Summer School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
03-08-2015SICSA Summer School on Practical TypesSummer School
27-07-2015LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
23-07-2015Seminar 'TODAY': Brand Objects and Gradual Contracts by Timothy JonesSeminar
06-07-2015LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
01-07-2015School Seminar: Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Mining via Secure Computation by Dr Changyu DongSeminar
30-06-2015International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
26-06-2015June 26, Andruid Kerne, The Future of Human Expression: Ideation − Play − Body-based InteractionSeminar
25-06-2015Fife Secondary Schools Science FairSummer School
22-06-2015June 22nd: Internet at 100 Symposium with Dr Vint CerfSymposium
19-06-2015Teachers TogetherWorkshop
18-06-2015First ChancesSummer School
16-06-2015June 16th, seminar by Gavin Doherty: Technologies for mental health: designing for engagementSeminar
15-06-2015Scottish Programing Languages SeminarSeminar
09-06-2015S4 Summer SchoolSummer School
05-06-2015Codebase Open day
02-06-2015June 2nd, Seminar by John Stasko: "New Approaches for Information Visualization: Rethinking Existing Notions"Seminar
20-05-2015Visualizing and writing variable-free compositional relational programsSeminar
19-05-2015May 19, Tom Rodden, On lions, impala, and bigraphs: modelling interactions in Ubiquitous Computing.Seminar
18-05-2015May 18th, Data Science Seminar Series or "a Summer of V’s"Seminar, Symposium
18-05-2015First IDIR Summer of V's workshopWorkshop
08-05-2015May 8th, Workshop, Sketching and Constructing Visualisations
28-04-2015April 28th, seminar by Mel Woods: Future Cities: Co-creating Future City Design Fictions in the WildSeminar
25-04-2015Space School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
14-04-2015SICSA Seminar: "From rats to robot navigation and beyond" by Dr Michael MilfordSeminar
13-04-2015April 13th, seminar by Nicolai Marquardt: Towards Ad-hoc Collaboration Spaces with Cross-Device Interaction TechniquesSeminar
07-04-2015Type-driven Verification of Communicating Systems in IdrisSeminar
02-04-2015What's happening to computer hardware, and what does it mean for systems software?Distinguished lecture
10-03-2015March 10th, seminar by Nick Taylor: Sustaining Civic Engagement in CommunitiesSeminar
03-03-2015School Seminars: Building the News Search Engine - BloombergSeminar, Talk
03-02-2015School Seminar Series: Matching in Practice: Junior Doctor Allocation and Kidney ExchangeTalk
21-01-2015School Seminar Series: Statistically Consistent Estimation and Efficient Inference for Natural Language ParsingTalk
01-12-2014Graduation Reception: Monday 1st December
25-11-2014Distinguished lecture 2014Distinguished lecture, Lecture
18-11-2014School Seminar: Cloud Platform in Financial Services - Allan Beck, J.P. MorganSeminar, Talk
13-11-2014Thursday Seminar from Japan - Prof. Yoshifumi Kitamura - Interactive Content Design and 3D InteractionsSeminar, Symposium, Talk
11-11-2014Supporting the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces by Jason Alexander, Lancaster UniversitySeminar
04-11-2014Talk on complex networksSeminar
04-11-2014School Seminar: Complex Networks and Complex ProcessesTalk
28-10-2014Emotion Sense: From Design to Deployment by Neal Lathia, Cambridge University.Seminar
21-10-2014The Design and Implementation of FeldsparSeminar
14-10-2014Children, Text Input - and the Writing Process by Professor Janet C Read, University of Central LancashireSeminar
07-10-2014Talk: Internship Experiences 2014Seminar
02-10-2014Accelerating Datacenter Services with Reconfigurable Logic Seminar
23-09-2014Lasers, nanoparticles and cancer: fighting cancer using medical imaging by David Harris-Birtill, University of St AndrewsSeminar
22-09-2014Class Rep Elections
16-09-2014Enterprise NoSQL in the BBCSeminar
01-09-2014Seminar by John SlaneySeminar, Talk
05-08-2014Big data, the Cloud and the future of computing by Dr Kenji Takeda, Microsoft ResearchSeminar
04-08-2014Summer School on Experimental Methodology in Computational Science ResearchSummer School
14-07-2014LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
01-07-2014MSc in Dependable Software Systems (DESEM) Summer SchoolSummer School
30-06-2014LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
30-06-2014Sutton Trust Summer SchoolSummer School
25-06-2014Graduation Reception Wednesday 25 June 2014
20-06-2014First Chances Taster SessionsSummer School
20-06-2014Teachers TogetherSeminar
12-06-2014Design Frontiers in Parallel Languages: The Role of DeterminismSeminar
06-06-2014What's so great about compositionality? by Professor Stuart M Shieber, Harvard.Seminar
27-05-2014Live stream from the Informatics Forum iVTues Speaker Series
20-05-2014Practice talks for papers that Aaron and Daniel are presenting at AVI.Seminar
13-05-2014A slippery slope — the path to national health data linkage in Australia - John BassSeminar
06-05-2014At the Edge by Alan Dix, University of BirminghamSeminar
15-04-2014Computational Social Choice: an Overview by Edith Elkind, University of OxfordSeminar
08-04-2014Highly Deformable Mobile Devices & Future Mobile Phones by Johannes Schöning, Hasselt UniversitySeminar
07-04-2014St Andrews Programming Competition 2014
07-04-2014The Chomsky-Schutzenberger Theorem for Quantitative Context-Free Languages by Heiko Vogler, University of DresdenSeminar
02-04-2014Internet-of-Things (IoT) Technologies for Integrated Smart Cities Applications by Prof John SoldatosSeminar
01-04-2014Doing Research in the Wild - Paul Marshall, UCL
25-03-2014Live stream from the Informatics Forum by Kevin Dorren, CEO of Diet ChefiVTues Speaker Series
13-03-2014PhD Admissions Session, Thursday 13 March 2pm
11-03-2014Should Technology be more mindful? by Yvonne Rogers, UCL.Seminar
04-03-2014Cigna: Technology enabling Health & Well being provision across the GlobeSeminar
25-02-2014How human-human dialogue research can lead us to understand speech behaviours in human-computer dialogue: The case of lexical alignment by Benjamin Cowan, University of Birmingham.Seminar
21-02-2014Geometrisation of first-order logicTalk
18-02-2014Cybersecurity for Critical InfrastructureSeminar
12-02-2014Data Matching Research at the Australian National UniversitySeminar
11-02-2014Techniques for Scalable Privacy-Preserving Record LinkageSeminar
11-02-2014Ubicomp, Touch and Gaze by Hans GellersenSeminar
28-01-2014Live webcast - iVTuesday with Jamie Graves, CEO of Zone Fox
28-01-2014Evaluation of Network Resilience and Survivability: Analysis, Simulation, Tools, and Experimentation by James P. G. Sterbenz, ITTC, University of KansasSeminar
17-12-2013An Experience of Peer InstructionTalk
27-11-2013The Interaction of Representation and Reasoning by Professor Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
22-11-2013Enterprise First: How to Start a Tech StartupTalk
19-11-2013Evolution of our existing institutional research information infrastructure : a facilitator for Open Science?
14-11-2013StACS Hackathon hosted by Witlr
05-11-2013Intellectual Property – What, why, and how?Seminar
17-10-2013BBC Children in Need Bake Sale
15-10-2013Some Limits of Language: A Perspective from Formal Grammars and Languages by Prof Arvind Joshi, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, USASeminar
06-10-2013ITS & UIST 2013 ConferencesConference
01-10-2013St Andrews Students - Experience with Industrial Internships Seminar
24-09-2013Scaling Skyscanner’s Flight Search & Making Mobile Applications at SkyscannerSeminar
10-09-2013SACHI Seminar: Team-buddy: investigating a long-lived robot companionSeminar
03-09-2013On Normalising Disjunctive Intermediate LogicsSeminar
23-07-2013Jacob Eisenstein: Interactive Topic Visualization for Exploratory Text AnalysisSeminar
16-07-2013SACHI Seminar Gregor Miller, The University of British Columbia, CanadaSeminar
08-07-2013Summer School - Big Data Information VisualisationSummer School
20-06-2013Teaching discussion
11-06-2013SACHI Seminar: A neurodynamical model of luminance perception by Olivier PenacchioSeminar
28-05-2013SACHI Seminar: Modeling and Analyzing development of scripts by Vinodh RajanSeminar
14-05-2013SACHI Seminar: The SUM framework by Kyle MontagueSeminar
07-05-2013SACHI Seminar: Digital tabletops: in the lab and in the wild by Patrick Olivier, Newcastle UniversitySeminar
03-05-2013School Seminar: HCI in Health Care by Jill Freyne -ICT Centre,CSIROColloquium, Seminar
02-05-2013System Seminar: Middleware support for wireless sensor network, by Prof. Danny Hughes, KU Leuven, BelgiumSeminar
30-04-2013Shared User Models and Adaptive Interfaces by Kyle Montague, University of DundeeSeminar
29-04-2013School Seminar: Software Engineering meets Reality: experiences in designing a system for a million different users by Prof Ian Sommerville - University of St AndrewsColloquium
27-04-2013SACHI Conference: Changing Perspectives at CHI 2013Conference
23-04-2013System Seminar: Unifying sensor fault detection with energy conservation, on 23 April, by Lei Fang, University of St AndrewsSeminar
22-04-2013Departmental Seminar - Andy Stanford-ClarkColloquium, Seminar
22-04-2013Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS) at St AndrewsSeminar
17-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
16-04-2013System Seminar: Remote Health Monitoring Using Online Social Media Systems, on 16 April, by Chonlatee KhorakhunSeminar
16-04-2013System Seminar: Decentralised Orchestration of Service-oriented Workflows, on 16 April, by Ward Jaradat, University of St AndrewsSeminar
15-04-2013Interdependence and Predictability of Human Mobility and Social Interactions by Mirco Musolesi University of Birmingham Colloquium, Seminar
10-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-04-2013DLS: Formal Modelling and Analysis of Deployed Systems by Prof Muffy Calder
04-04-2013Talk by Susmit SarkarTalk
03-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
01-04-2013School Seminar: Neil MooreSeminar
19-03-2013SACHI Seminar TBCSeminar
19-03-2013Towards Reminder Systems that work by Maria Wolters, University of EdinburghSeminar
14-03-2013Talk by Dr Jost Berthold Thursday 14th MarchSeminar, Talk
13-03-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-03-2013System Seminar: Stochastic Methodologies for Autonomously Evaluating Systems State, on 12th March, by Chris Schneider, University of St AndrewsSeminar
11-03-2013A new Interaction Paradigm for Distributed User Interfaces by Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer, University of KonstanzColloquium, Seminar
05-03-2013SACHI Seminar: Subtle Gaze-Dependent Techniques for Visualising Display Changes in Multi-Display Environments, by Jakub Dostal, University of St. AndrewsSeminar
26-02-2013System Seminar: A Framework for Maintaining Artefact Consistency During Software Development, by Ildiko Pete, University of St AndrewsSeminar
25-02-2013School Seminar: Programs that Write Programs – Is that Interesting?- by Prof Ron Morrison, ...with many ideas from...Colloquium
19-02-2013CANCELLED Unikernels: Functional Library Operating Systems for the Cloud by Anil Madhavapeddy, University of CambridgeSeminar
19-02-2013Visualising movement trajectories in geoinformatics by Dr. Urska Demsar, School for Geography & GeosciencesSeminar
12-02-2013System Seminar: Understanding Ethical Concerns in Social Media Privacy Studies, by Luke Hutton, University of St AndrewsSeminar
11-02-2013Towards reliable and responsible social network research by Tristan Henderson - University of St Andrews Colloquium, Seminar
11-02-2013Confessions of a start-up founder by Prof. Simon Dobson - University of St AndrewsLecture
11-02-2013Confessions of a start-up founderLecture
05-02-2013Sinhalese Text Entry Research by Shyam Reyal, University of St. AndrewsSeminar
29-01-2013Systems Seminar: Coupled Adaptive Complex Network, by Saray Shai, University of St AndrewsSeminar
15-01-2013Multimodal Interaction in Museums by Loraine Clarke, University of StrathclydeSeminar
30-11-2012Graduation November 2012
27-11-2012School Seminar - Mari OstendorfSeminar
27-11-2012Computer Gaming Industry careers: Aardvark Swift presentation – Get in the GameTalk
19-11-2012Seminar by Leo Liberti on "Symmetry in Mathematical Programming", 19th Nov, 11amSeminar
14-11-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
31-10-2012Professor Aaron Quigley Inaugural lectureLecture
31-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
17-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
15-10-2012Distinguished Lecture Series: MySQL and Open Source Business, by Monty WideniusSeminar
15-10-2012Four Geeks and an Entrepreneur
10-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-10-2012School Seminar - Andy GordonSeminar
01-10-2012School Seminar - Barry BrownSeminar
12-09-2012St Andrews Algorithmic Programming Competition
07-09-2012Forthcoming talk by SICSA Distinguished VisitorSeminar, Talk
04-09-2012Facing Healthcare's Future: Designing Facial Expressivity for Robotic Patient MannequinsSeminar
09-08-2012Soundcomber: A Stealthy and Context-Aware Sound Trojan for Smartphones Seminar
09-08-2012Mobile user study masterclass
02-07-2012Sutton Trust summer schoolSummer School
20-06-2012Graduation Reception
18-06-2012Seminar - Connecting Families over Distance - Dr. Carman NeustaedterColloquium
15-06-2012Erlang Tutorials and Erlang Factory LiteWorkshop
15-06-2012Workshop on 75 Years of Lambda CalculusWorkshop
14-06-2012Technical workshop on Patterns for Multicore (ParaPhrase/Release Projects)Workshop
12-06-2012The 2012 Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming Symposium
11-06-2012The International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in EducationWorkshop
07-06-2012SICSA Summer School on Types and Programming LanguagesSummer School
15-05-2012TayViz - The bi-monthly meeting of the Tayside and Fife network for data visualisationTalk
15-05-2012 Helen Purchase on An Exploration of Interface Visual AestheticsSeminar
11-05-2012Principal's visit
08-05-2012School Seminar by Eoin WoodsColloquium
30-04-2012Quantifying human vision: perception of depth and shape by Julie Harris Colloquium
23-04-2012Seminar, An Overview of the AspeKT Project – Turning Academic Excellence into Gold by Colin AdamsColloquium
18-04-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
11-04-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
27-03-2012The Results Delusion - Systems Seminar by John ThomsonSeminar
21-03-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
19-03-2012Autonomy handover and rich interaction on mobile devices by Simon RodgersColloquium, Seminar
12-03-2012Distinguished Lecture Series:Artificial Life as an approach to Artificial Intelligence, by Professor Larry Yaeger Seminar
10-03-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
05-03-2012A large-scale study of information needs by Karen ChurchColloquium, Seminar
03-03-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
27-02-2012Evolution of Radio Access Networks: Lighting up IQ by Francisco J. Garcia, Agilent Technologies Colloquium
24-02-2012SCOttish Networking Event (SCONE)Workshop
20-02-2012Multimodal mobile interaction - making the most of our users' capabilities by Stephen Brewster, University of GlasgowColloquium
15-02-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
13-02-2012Responsibility Modelling by Prof Ian SommervilleColloquium
11-02-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
06-02-2012Idris: Verified Systems Programming with Dependent Types by Edwin BradyColloquium
23-01-2012Proactive contextual information retrieval by Samuel KaskiSeminar
07-12-2011Inaugural Lecture: The computer is the new microscope by Professor Simon DobsonLecture
05-12-2011The Dependability of Complex Socio-technical Infrastructure & Smart Grids and Smart Meters: Game Changer, or Serious Danger? by Prof. Ross Anderson
30-11-2011Graduation Reception
28-11-2011Design, Agency and a Sense of Wellbeing by Ann LightColloquium
21-11-2011ParaForming: Forming Parallel Haskell Programs using Novel Refactoring Techniques by Prof Kevin Hammond Colloquium
18-11-2011Workshop on Computational Logic in honour of Roy DyckhoffWorkshop
16-11-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
15-11-2011Creating personalized digital human models of perception for visual analyticsSeminar
14-11-2011Biological Data: Analysis, Visualisation and Prediction by Geoff Barton – Professor of Bioinformatics, College of Life Sciences, University of DundeeColloquium
10-11-2011Proof engineering, from the Four Color to the Odd Order Theorem by Dr Georges Gonthier Seminar
07-11-2011 A Decade of Research on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation:The Quest for Abstraction and Automation by Alan M FrischColloquium
01-11-2011Sword Ciboodle presentation
31-10-2011Friendlists, Followers and Contacts: Using Self-Reported Social Networks to Improve Opportunistic Networks by Gregory BigwoodColloquium
26-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
25-10-2011Amazon presentation
24-10-2011Systems and Security Modelling: From Theory to Practice (Really) by Professor David J. Pym Colloquium
19-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
11-10-2011Augmentative and Alternative Communication across the Lifespan of Individuals with Complex Communication NeedsSeminar
03-10-2011Exploring semantics in situation identification using context lattices by Dr.Juan Ye Colloquium
03-10-2011Alan Frisch Seminar VideoSeminar
30-09-2011MacMillan Coffee Morning (Friday)
29-09-2011Bada Challenge Competition
28-09-2011Welcome Reception for Honours Students
28-09-2011Interaction and Visualization Approaches for Artistic ApplicationsSeminar
27-09-2011Welcome Reception for Postgraduate Students
27-09-2011Learning hard chart constraints for efficient context-free parsing by Brian Roark - Oregon Health & Science UniversityColloquium
23-09-2011Barbecue for Undergraduate StudentsBBQ
22-09-2011Barbecue for MSc StudentsBBQ
21-09-2011Is provenance logical? (James Cheney, University of Edinburgh)Seminar
13-09-2011Measuring the Effectiveness of Abstract Data VisualisationsSeminar
31-08-2011MSc Poster Presentations 2011
29-08-2011Summer school "Advanced techniques in computer algebra systems development"Summer School
22-08-2011Security and Privacy in mHealth systemsSeminar, Talk
29-07-2011Energy-efficient location-awareness on mobile devicesSeminar
26-07-2011The use of regret and forgivenessTalk
26-07-2011Sensing, understanding and modelling people using mobile phonesSeminar
19-07-2011Narrative Generation: a case study in assistive technologySeminar
12-07-2011Evaluation of network resilience and survivability: analysis, simulation, tools, and experimentationSeminar
27-06-2011Summer School on Multimodal Systems for Digital TourismSummer School
26-06-2011Arduino workshopWorkshop
22-06-2011From Recommendation to Reputation: Information Discovery Gets PersonalLecture
05-05-2011Towards Pervasive Personal DataColloquium
Stephen McKenna (Dundee): Recognising Interactions with Objects and People (School Seminar)Seminar
School Seminar - Kevin MillerSeminar
Jan Kofroň (Charles University) School SeminarSeminar
Announcement of the 33rd British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science
Honorary degree for Professor Dana Scott
Rachel Menzies (Dundee) School SeminarSeminar
War Stories: Building new tech products in an uncertain worldSeminar
Distinguished Speaker Program Tour (Indonesia): Professor Aaron Quigley
PhD Reading Party 2010Reading Party