03-03-2021Seminar - Phong Le, Amazon - 3rd March 2021Seminar
07-04-2020School Seminar: Sara Thomas (Wikimedia UK)Seminar
17-02-2020Georgios Gerasimou (University of St Andrews): Frontiers in computational revealed preference analysisSeminar
11-02-2020Modern practices of sharing computational researchTalk
11-02-2020Nguyen Dang (University of St Andrews): Hyper-Parameter Tuning for an evolutionary algorithmSeminar
04-02-2020Matt Blackledge (Institute of Cancer Research): Clinical Computational Imaging: Perspectives in OncologySeminar
03-02-2020Philippe Palanque (University of Toulouse): Harnessing Usability, UX and Dependability for Interactions in Safety Critical ContextsSeminar
28-01-2020School seminar: Interactions between Group Theory, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computation - talk by Delaram Kahrobaei (York)Seminar
08-01-2020Blindness seminarSeminar
11-12-2019IBANS drop-in session
19-11-2019Rob Stewart (Heriot-Watt University): Reliable Parallel Computing using Model CheckingSeminar
12-11-2019Bran Knowles (Lancaster University): Understanding older adults' distrust of digital technologySeminar
05-11-2019Jan De Muijnck-Hughes (University of Glasgow): LightClick: A Linear Typed Orchestration Language for System-On-A-Chip DesignsSeminar
25-10-2019Max L. Wilson (University of Nottingham): Brain-based HCI – What could brain data can tell us HCISeminar
18-10-2019Daniel S. Katz (University of Illinois): Parsl: Pervasive Parallel Programming in PythonSeminar
15-10-2019Ankush Jhalani (Bloomberg): Building Near Real-Time News SearchSeminar
08-10-2019DLS: Multimodal human-computer interaction: past, present and futureDistinguished lecture
23-09-2019Software Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop
26-06-2019Graduation Reception: Wednesday 26th Junegraduation
19-06-2019MIP Modelling Made ManageableLecture, Seminar
10-06-2019St Andrews Bioinformatics Workshop 10/06/19Lecture, Talk, Workshop
30-04-2019Juho Rousu: Predicting Drug Interactions with Kernel MethodsSeminar
23-04-2019Lewis McMillan (St Andrews): Parallel Computer Simulations of Light-Tissue Interactions for Applications in Medicine, Cosmetics Industry and Biophotonics Research (School Seminar)Seminar
09-04-2019Hugh Leather (Edinburgh): Deep Learning for Compilers (School Seminar)Seminar
08-04-2019Distinguished Lecture Series: Formal Approaches to Quantitative EvaluationDistinguished lecture
02-04-2019Rachel Menzies (Dundee): Unlocking Accessible Escape Rooms: Is Technology the Key? (School Seminar)Seminar
19-03-2019Paul-Olivier Dehaye: From Cambridge Analytica to the future of online services: a personal journey (School Seminar)Seminar
13-03-2019Scottish Programming Languages Seminar, Wednesday March 13thSeminar
12-03-2019Marina Romanchikova (NPL): How good are our data? Measuring the data quality at National Physical Laboratory (School Seminar)Seminar
26-02-2019Lauren Roberts & Peter Michalák (Newcastle): Automating the Placement of Time Series Models for IoT Healthcare Applications (School Seminar)Seminar
19-02-2019Quintin Cutts (Glasgow): Re-imagining software engineering education through the apprenticeship lens (School Seminar)Seminar
05-02-2019Ian Gent (St Andrews): The Winnability of Klondike and Many Other Single-Player Card Games (School Seminar)Seminar
29-01-2019Emanuele Trucco (Dundee): Retinal image analysis and beyond in Scotland: the VAMPIRE project (School Seminar)Seminar
14-01-2019Population and Behavioural Sciences Division workshop and seminarSeminar
12-12-2018DHSI Seminar: Wednesday 12th DecemberSeminar
04-12-2018Alexander Konovalov (St Andrews): How to teach basic research computing skills? (School Seminar)Seminar
29-11-2018School Seminar: Jason Alexander (Lancaster University) - What would you do if you could touch your data?Seminar
27-11-2018Carron Shankland (Stirling): How did I get here? Being and becoming a professor (School Seminar)Seminar
20-11-2018Judith Rauhofer (Edinburgh): The Internet of Bodies - What could possibly go wrong? (School Seminar)Seminar
13-11-2018DLS: Scalable Intelligent Systems by 2025 (Carl Hewitt)Distinguished lecture
01-11-2018SRG Seminar: "Large-Scale Hierarchical k-means for Heterogeneous Many-Core Supercomputers" by Teng YuSeminar, Talk
30-10-2018Iain Bate (York): Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Embedded Systems and Future Challenges (School Seminar)Seminar
29-10-2018School Seminar - Professor Anirudha Joshi: The story of Swarachakra - Cracking the puzzle of text input in Indian languagesSeminar
26-10-2018St Andrews Research Open-day in Computer ScienceConference, Symposium, Visiting Day
23-10-2018Pascal Bruegger: Resident Monitoring SystemSeminar
18-10-2018School Seminar - Professor Patrick Olivier - Digital Civics: Infrastructuring Participatory CitizenshipSeminar
18-10-2018SRG Seminar: "Using Metric Space Indexing for Complete and Efficient Record Linkage" by Özgür AkgünSeminar
17-10-2018DHSI Seminar - Wednesday 17th OctoberSeminar
16-10-2018Alan Dix (Swansea): Sufficient Reason (School Seminar)Seminar
12-10-2018Alyssa Goodman (Harvard): Visualization and the Universe (School Seminar)Seminar
11-10-2018SRG Seminar: "Efficient Cross-architecture Hardware Virtualisation" by Tom SpinkSeminar, Talk
09-10-2018Becky Plummer (Bloomberg): Engineering Software to Last (School Seminar)Seminar
03-10-2018Google@St Andrews
02-10-2018Michael O'Boyle (Edinburgh): Heteregeneous Thinking (School Seminar)Seminar
25-09-2018Nathan Carter (Bentley University): Lurch: software for immediate feedback for students in a first proof course (School Seminar)Seminar
21-08-2018Fable-based Learning: Seminar by Prof Jimmy LeeSeminar
17-08-2018DHSI Seminar SeriesSeminar
07-08-2018Workshop on Using Video in CS EducationWorkshop
06-08-2018Seminar: SMT, Planning and SnowmenSeminar
06-08-2018SICSA Workshop on Learning Analytics in EducationWorkshop
21-06-2018S4 First Chances @ Computer ScienceSummer School
07-06-2018SACHI Seminar: Alessio Malizia - User Experience: a step towards Natural User Interfaces.Seminar
25-05-2018Why Homotopy type Theory (HoTT) matters – Professor Thorsten AltenkirchSeminar
17-05-2018The OpenMP and MPI refactoring with ParaFormance – Turkey AlsalkiniTalk
01-05-2018Matthew Rice (Open Rights Group): Do we need the Third Sector in the debate about technology and ethics? (School Seminar)Seminar
24-04-2018Arnau Erola (Oxford): Corporate Insider Threat Detection (School Seminar)Seminar
24-04-2018SRG Seminar: "Introduction to Apache Mesos and the DataCenter Operating System" by Matt JarvisSeminar
17-04-2018Marwan Fayed (St Andrews): Quality of Experience Fairness for Adaptive Video Streams in the Network (School Seminar)Seminar
12-04-2018SACHI Seminar: Klen Čopič Pucihar - The Missing Interface: Micro Gestures on Objects for Augmented Reality InteractionSeminar
12-04-2018SACHI Seminar: Matjaž Kljun - Large scale studies of habit changing interface designSeminar
12-04-2018SRG Seminar: "Application of Bayesian Nonparametric in household human activity recognition" by Lei FangSeminar
10-04-2018Alice Miller (Glasgow): Probabilistic model checking for UAV strategy generation (School Seminar)Seminar
05-04-2018A Type-System for describing System-on-a-Chip Architectures – Jan De Muijnck-HughesTalk
03-04-2018Elliott Brooks (The HUT Group): Technology at The HUT Group (School Seminar)Seminar
02-04-2018Diderot: A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis and Visualization – John ReppySeminar
15-03-2018SRG Seminar: "On Engineering Unikernels" by Ward JaradatSeminar
22-02-2018Simplifying ARM concurrency – Prof. Susmit SarkarTalk
20-02-2018Karen Petrie (Dundee): A case study of Facebook use: outlining a multi-layer strategy for higher education (School Seminar)Seminar
16-02-2018Compositional Coinduction with Sized Types – Dr. Andreas AbelSeminar
14-02-2018Kitty Meeks (Glasgow): Exploiting structure in multi-layer networks: a case study on motif counting (School Seminar)Seminar
13-02-2018DLS: Functional Foundations for Operating SystemsDistinguished lecture
08-02-2018Impact Talk: Xelect LtdSeminar, Talk
06-02-2018Kami Vaniea (Edinburgh): Usable Security: From URLs to Updates (School Seminar)Seminar
30-01-2018Cecilia Mascolo (Cambridge): Systems, Models and Learning: From mobile devices to mobile data (School Seminar)Seminar
23-01-2018Adriana Wilde (St Andrews): Rising to challenges in assessment, feedback and encouraging gender diversity in computing (School Seminar)Seminar
12-12-2017Pireh Pirzada: Sensors in Smart Homes for independent living of elderly peopleSeminar, Talk
08-12-2017Salesforce Graduate Opportunities
07-12-2017School Graduation Reception
07-12-2017Dr. Vladimir Janjic – Efficient Dynamic Mapping of Parallel Applications to NUMA Architectures by Reinforcement LearningTalk
05-12-2017Edgar Chavez (CICESE): The Metric Approach to Reverse Searching (School Seminar)Seminar
30-11-2017"Sensing and topology: some ideas by other people, and an early experiment" by Simon DobsonSeminar
30-11-2017Model Checking and Cache Coherence Protocols – Dr. Ruth HoffmannTalk
29-11-2017Siobhán Clarke (Trinity College Dublin): Exploring Autonomous Behaviour in Open, Complex Systems (School Seminar)Seminar
22-11-2017Computational Approaches for Accurate, Automated and Safe Cancer Care - HIG SeminarSeminar
22-11-2017Bidirectional-Curious? – Dr. Conor McBrideTalk
16-11-2017SACHI Seminar - Florian Echtler (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): Instant InteractionSeminar
15-11-2017SRG Seminar: "Interactional Justice vs. The Paradox of Self-Amendment and the Iron Law of Oligarchy" by Jeremy PittSeminar
14-11-2017Emma Hart (Edinburgh Napier): Lifelong Learning in Optimisation (School Seminar)Seminar
09-11-2017"Ambient intelligence with sensor networks" by Lucas Amos and "Location, Location, Location: Exploring Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Pricing Across Geographical Regions" by Nnamdi Ekwe-EkweSeminar
09-11-2017Towards Refinement by Resolution in Dependent Type Theory - František FarkaTalk
07-11-2017Jessie Kennedy (Edinburgh Napier): Visualization and Taxonomy (School Seminar)Seminar
02-11-2017Thesis Summary Presentation - Adam BarwellTalk
01-11-2017SACHI Seminar: Alix Goguey (University of Saskatchewan) - Augmenting touch expressivity to improve the touch modalitySeminar
26-10-2017"A Decentralised Multimodal Integration of Social Signals: A Bio-Inspired Approach" by Esma Benssassi and "Plug and Play Bench: Simplifying Big Data Benchmarking Using Containers" by Sheriffo CeesaySeminar
24-10-2017Barnaby Martin (Durham): The Complexity of Quantified Constraints (School Seminar)Seminar
17-10-2017Mark Olleson (Bloomberg): Super-sized mobile apps: getting the foundations right (School Seminar)Seminar
12-10-2017SRG Seminar: "Adaptive Multisite Computation Offloading in Mobile Clouds" by Dawand Sulaiman and "Topological Ranking-Based Resource Scheduling for Multi-Accelerator Systems" by Teng YuSeminar
10-10-2017DLS: What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Computer HistoryDistinguished lecture
06-10-2017Semantics for probabilistic programming - Dr Chris Heunen
04-10-2017Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research Cambridge) School SeminarSeminar
29-09-2017Maja Popović (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): (Dis)similarity Metrics for Texts (School Seminar)Seminar
28-09-2017SRG Seminar: "Simulating a pulmonary tuberculosis infection using a network-based metapopulation model" by Michael Pitcher and "A Fake City of People: Modeling the Co-evolution of City and Citizens" by Xue GuoSeminar
26-09-2017Daniel Sorin (Duke University): Designing Formally Verifiable Cache Coherence Protocol (School Seminar)Seminar
19-09-2017Felipe Meneguzzi (PUCRS): Plan Recognition in the Real World (School Seminar)Seminar
25-08-2017DHSI Seminar SeriesSeminar
17-07-2017Monads and Lenses - Dr James CheneyColloquium, Seminar
05-07-2017SACHI Seminar: Benjamin Bach - Between Exploration and Explanation: Visualizations for Insights, Curiosity, and StorytellingSeminar
04-07-2017Dr. Ornela Dardha' talk: Session Types RevisitedSeminar
27-06-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr. Christopher Collins - Finding What to Read: Visual Text Analytics Tools and Techniques to Guide InvestigationSeminar
23-06-2017Seminar: Propagation and Reification: SAT and SMT in Prolog (continued)Seminar
15-06-2017SACHI Seminar: Daniel Vogel, University of WaterlooSeminar
14-06-2017DHSI Seminar Series (Digital Health Science Initiative)Seminar
05-06-2017Simon Fowler Seminar: First-Class Distributed Session TypesSeminar
01-06-2017SRG Seminar: Evaluation Techniques for Detection Model Performance in Anomaly Network Intrusion Detection System by Amjad Al TobiSeminar
30-05-2017SACHI Seminar: Mike Hazas, Lancaster UniversitySeminar
18-05-2017SRG Seminar: New Network Functionality using ILNPv6 and DNS by Khawar ShehzadSeminar
18-05-2017Workshop on Considering Technology through a Philosophical LensWorkshop
04-05-2017SRG Seminar: Investigation of Virtual Network Isolation Security in Cloud Computing Using Penetration Testing by Haifa Al NasseriTalk
26-04-2017SCONE (SCOttish Networking Event)Workshop
24-04-2017Translational Research into Common Psychiatric Disorders, Professor Douglas Steele, Professor of Neuroimaging / Consultant Psychiatrist, University of DundeeColloquium, Seminar, Talk
22-04-2017Event: 'Space School' - Save the dateWorkshop
20-04-2017SRG Seminar: "Evaluating Data Linkage: Creation and use of synthetic data for comprehensive linkage evaluation" by Tom Dalton and "Container orchestration" by Uchechukwu AwadaSeminar
11-04-2017SACHI Seminar: Andrés Lucero - Co-Designed, Collocated & Playful Mobile InteractionsSeminar
06-04-2017SRG Seminar: nMANET, the Name-based Data Network (NDN) for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) by Percy Perez AruniSeminar
04-04-2017Seeing the Wood for the Trees - Essential Structure in Model-based Search by Prof. John McCallSeminar
03-04-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr Hagen Lehmann - Social interaction characteristics for socially acceptable robotsSeminar
31-03-2017DLS: Algorithms for healthcare-related matching problemsDistinguished lecture
23-03-2017SRG Seminar: Managing Shared Mutable Data in a Distributed Environment (Simone Conte)Seminar
22-03-2017Scottish Programming Languages SeminarWorkshop
17-03-2017Seminar: Slave to the Algo-Rhythm? Awaiting the Law Cavalry (Professor Lilian Edwards, Strathclyde)Seminar
09-03-2017SRG Seminar: Cloud scheduling algorithms by Long ThaiSeminar
08-03-2017Implementing Event-Driven Microservices Architecture using Functional programmingColloquium, Seminar
06-03-2017 "Unfrying your brain with F#"  Andrea Magnorsky, Workday Software LtdColloquium, Seminar
06-03-2017Data and the User Experience in RetailSeminar
28-02-2017SACHI Seminar: Dr Alice Toniolo – An argumentation-based approach to facilitate and improve human reasoningSeminar
27-02-2017The technology driving the evolution of internet advertising, targeted advertising or intrusive surveillance?Colloquium, Seminar
27-02-2017Seminar: The technology driving the evolution of internet advertising, targeted advertising or intrusive surveillance?Seminar
23-02-2017Type-Driven Development of Communicating Systems using IdrisColloquium, Seminar, Talk
14-02-2017SACHI Seminar: The design of digital technologies to support transitional events in the human lifespanSeminar
31-01-2017SACHI Seminar - The Collaborative Design of Tangible Interactions in MuseumsSeminar
15-12-2016Seminar: Jacob Howe on Propagation and ReificationSeminar
13-12-2016Talk: Using cost models of algorithmic skeletonsTalk
01-12-2016Seminar: Alice Toniolo on Computational ArgumentationSeminar
18-11-2016SACHI Seminar: Roderick Murray-Smith, University of GlasgowSeminar
18-11-2016Children in Need 2016
16-11-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-11-2016Multi-modal Indoor Positioning: Trends and Challenges by Prof. Niki Trigoni, Oxford UniversitySeminar, Talk
07-11-2016DLS: Distributed Systems and Sensing by Prof. Julie McCannDistinguished lecture
01-11-2016SACHI Seminar - Dr Rebecca Fiebrink: Goldsmiths University of LondonSeminar
26-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
25-10-2016Quicker Sort by Dietmar Kühl, Bloomberg L.P.Seminar, Talk
19-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
14-10-2016SACHI Seminar: Trevor Hogan, Data and Dasein - A Phenomenology of Human-Data RelationsSeminar
11-10-2016Running Before We have Evolved Legs: The Gap Between Theory and Practice in Evolutionary Algorithms by Prof. John McCallSeminar
06-10-2016SACHI Seminar: Professor Chris Reed - Argument Technology and Argument MiningSeminar
05-10-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
30-09-2016MacMillan Coffee Morning
28-09-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
27-09-2016School Seminar: "The path to Cellular IoT and the promise of 5G" by Frankie GarciaSeminar
16-09-2016SACHI Seminar: Touching the future with Matt JonesSeminar
08-09-2016Seminar: A Changing Landscape: Securing The Internet Of Things (IoT)Seminar
25-07-2016International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
27-06-2016International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
27-06-2016Sutton Trust Summer School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
17-06-2016Teachers Together @ Computer ScienceTalk
16-06-2016First Chances @ Computer ScienceSummer School
13-05-2016Are there still two cultures?
20-04-2016Elise van den Hoven : Materialising Memories: a design research programme to study everyday rememberingSeminar
13-04-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-04-2016Daniel Archambault : Effective Visualisation of Static and Dynamic GraphsSeminar
06-04-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
05-04-2016Keith Cheverst: Investigating the Shared Curation of Locative Media relating to the Local History of a Rural CommunitySeminar
31-03-2016Distinguished Lecture Series: Reminder of next event - ‘CS for All’ by President Maria KlaweDistinguished lecture
31-03-2016Distinguished Lecture Series: 'CS for All' by President Maria KlaweDistinguished lecture
30-03-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
29-03-2016School Seminar 'Closure Experiences in Digital Product Design' by Joe MacleodSeminar, Talk
09-03-2016Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
23-02-2016Seminar: "Data Exploration on Smart watches" by Dr Rachel MenziesSeminar, Talk
09-02-2016School Seminar: 'Probabilistic Formal Analysis of App Usage to Inform Redesign' by Oana AndreiSeminar
26-01-2016School Seminar 'Paraphrase Generation from Latent-Variable PCFGs for Semantic Parsing' by Shashi NarayanSeminar, Talk
17-12-2015The scientific life of Ada LovelaceTalk
30-11-20152014/15 Graduation Reception on St Andrews Day
24-11-2015Seminar: "Interaction, Embodiment and Technologies in Early Learning" by Dr Andrew ManchesSeminar, Talk
16-11-2015Distinguished Lecture: 'Scalability and Fault-tolerance, are they the same?' by Joe ArmstrongDistinguished lecture
13-11-2015Children in Need Bake Sale 2015
11-11-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
10-11-2015IEEE talks: JEEVES and the Speculative W@nderverseTalk
03-11-2015Seminar: 'How to deliver Software Projects and be a Brilliant Software Developer' by Howard Simms (Apadmi)Seminar
28-10-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
20-10-2015Seminar: 'Trading Programs - How the Finance industry has become so complex that today's products are similar to programs' by Joel BjornsonSeminar
14-10-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
13-10-2015Talk: 'This is a Google Talk' - by James SmithTalk
13-10-2015Seminar: 'Measuring Personalization of Online Services' by Alan MisloveSeminar
06-10-2015Seminar: 'Formalizing Garbage: Mathematical Models of Memory Management' by Jeremy SingerSeminar, Talk
30-09-2015Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
29-09-2015Seminar: 'Designing trusted and engaging forms of peer to peer healthcare' by Pam BriggsSeminar
23-09-2015Inaugural Lecture: 'Constraint Satisfaction and the Crystal Maze' by Professor Ian MiguelLecture
22-09-2015Seminar: 'Disrupting trillion dollar industries using low power wireless sensor networks' by Raphael Scheps and Gideon FarrellSeminar
20-09-2015Dr Roy Dyckhoff, Hon. Senior Lecturer: 'Coherentisation of first-order logic'Conference, Talk
14-08-2015Toward Workflow Management for Experimental Science?Seminar
03-08-2015ELT Science Summer School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
03-08-2015SICSA Summer School on Practical TypesSummer School
27-07-2015LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
23-07-2015Seminar 'TODAY': Brand Objects and Gradual Contracts by Timothy JonesSeminar
06-07-2015LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
01-07-2015School Seminar: Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Mining via Secure Computation by Dr Changyu DongSeminar
30-06-2015International Summer Programme @ Computer ScienceSummer School
26-06-2015June 26, Andruid Kerne, The Future of Human Expression: Ideation − Play − Body-based InteractionSeminar
25-06-2015Fife Secondary Schools Science FairSummer School
22-06-2015June 22nd: Internet at 100 Symposium with Dr Vint CerfSymposium
19-06-2015Teachers TogetherWorkshop
18-06-2015First ChancesSummer School
16-06-2015June 16th, seminar by Gavin Doherty: Technologies for mental health: designing for engagementSeminar
15-06-2015Scottish Programing Languages SeminarSeminar
09-06-2015S4 Summer SchoolSummer School
05-06-2015Codebase Open day
02-06-2015June 2nd, Seminar by John Stasko: "New Approaches for Information Visualization: Rethinking Existing Notions"Seminar
20-05-2015Visualizing and writing variable-free compositional relational programsSeminar
19-05-2015May 19, Tom Rodden, On lions, impala, and bigraphs: modelling interactions in Ubiquitous Computing.Seminar
18-05-2015May 18th, Data Science Seminar Series or "a Summer of V’s"Seminar, Symposium
18-05-2015First IDIR Summer of V's workshopWorkshop
08-05-2015May 8th, Workshop, Sketching and Constructing Visualisations
28-04-2015April 28th, seminar by Mel Woods: Future Cities: Co-creating Future City Design Fictions in the WildSeminar
25-04-2015Space School @ Computer ScienceSummer School
14-04-2015SICSA Seminar: "From rats to robot navigation and beyond" by Dr Michael MilfordSeminar
13-04-2015April 13th, seminar by Nicolai Marquardt: Towards Ad-hoc Collaboration Spaces with Cross-Device Interaction TechniquesSeminar
07-04-2015Type-driven Verification of Communicating Systems in IdrisSeminar
02-04-2015What's happening to computer hardware, and what does it mean for systems software?Distinguished lecture
10-03-2015March 10th, seminar by Nick Taylor: Sustaining Civic Engagement in CommunitiesSeminar
03-03-2015School Seminars: Building the News Search Engine - BloombergSeminar, Talk
03-02-2015School Seminar Series: Matching in Practice: Junior Doctor Allocation and Kidney ExchangeTalk
21-01-2015School Seminar Series: Statistically Consistent Estimation and Efficient Inference for Natural Language ParsingTalk
01-12-2014Graduation Reception: Monday 1st December
25-11-2014Distinguished lecture 2014Distinguished lecture, Lecture
18-11-2014School Seminar: Cloud Platform in Financial Services - Allan Beck, J.P. MorganSeminar, Talk
13-11-2014Thursday Seminar from Japan - Prof. Yoshifumi Kitamura - Interactive Content Design and 3D InteractionsSeminar, Symposium, Talk
11-11-2014Supporting the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces by Jason Alexander, Lancaster UniversitySeminar
04-11-2014Talk on complex networksSeminar
04-11-2014School Seminar: Complex Networks and Complex ProcessesTalk
28-10-2014Emotion Sense: From Design to Deployment by Neal Lathia, Cambridge University.Seminar
21-10-2014The Design and Implementation of FeldsparSeminar
14-10-2014Children, Text Input - and the Writing Process by Professor Janet C Read, University of Central LancashireSeminar
07-10-2014Talk: Internship Experiences 2014Seminar
02-10-2014Accelerating Datacenter Services with Reconfigurable Logic Seminar
23-09-2014Lasers, nanoparticles and cancer: fighting cancer using medical imaging by David Harris-Birtill, University of St AndrewsSeminar
22-09-2014Class Rep Elections
16-09-2014Enterprise NoSQL in the BBCSeminar
01-09-2014Seminar by John SlaneySeminar, Talk
05-08-2014Big data, the Cloud and the future of computing by Dr Kenji Takeda, Microsoft ResearchSeminar
04-08-2014Summer School on Experimental Methodology in Computational Science ResearchSummer School
14-07-2014LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
01-07-2014MSc in Dependable Software Systems (DESEM) Summer SchoolSummer School
30-06-2014LIFT OFF to SuccessSummer School
30-06-2014Sutton Trust Summer SchoolSummer School
25-06-2014Graduation Reception Wednesday 25 June 2014
20-06-2014First Chances Taster SessionsSummer School
20-06-2014Teachers TogetherSeminar
12-06-2014Design Frontiers in Parallel Languages: The Role of DeterminismSeminar
06-06-2014What's so great about compositionality? by Professor Stuart M Shieber, Harvard.Seminar
27-05-2014Live stream from the Informatics Forum iVTues Speaker Series
20-05-2014Practice talks for papers that Aaron and Daniel are presenting at AVI.Seminar
13-05-2014A slippery slope — the path to national health data linkage in Australia - John BassSeminar
06-05-2014At the Edge by Alan Dix, University of BirminghamSeminar
15-04-2014Computational Social Choice: an Overview by Edith Elkind, University of OxfordSeminar
08-04-2014Highly Deformable Mobile Devices & Future Mobile Phones by Johannes Schöning, Hasselt UniversitySeminar
07-04-2014St Andrews Programming Competition 2014
07-04-2014The Chomsky-Schutzenberger Theorem for Quantitative Context-Free Languages by Heiko Vogler, University of DresdenSeminar
02-04-2014Internet-of-Things (IoT) Technologies for Integrated Smart Cities Applications by Prof John SoldatosSeminar
01-04-2014Doing Research in the Wild - Paul Marshall, UCL
25-03-2014Live stream from the Informatics Forum by Kevin Dorren, CEO of Diet ChefiVTues Speaker Series
13-03-2014PhD Admissions Session, Thursday 13 March 2pm
11-03-2014Should Technology be more mindful? by Yvonne Rogers, UCL.Seminar
04-03-2014Cigna: Technology enabling Health & Well being provision across the GlobeSeminar
25-02-2014How human-human dialogue research can lead us to understand speech behaviours in human-computer dialogue: The case of lexical alignment by Benjamin Cowan, University of Birmingham.Seminar
21-02-2014Geometrisation of first-order logicTalk
18-02-2014Cybersecurity for Critical InfrastructureSeminar
12-02-2014Data Matching Research at the Australian National UniversitySeminar
11-02-2014Techniques for Scalable Privacy-Preserving Record LinkageSeminar
11-02-2014Ubicomp, Touch and Gaze by Hans GellersenSeminar
28-01-2014Live webcast - iVTuesday with Jamie Graves, CEO of Zone Fox
28-01-2014Evaluation of Network Resilience and Survivability: Analysis, Simulation, Tools, and Experimentation by James P. G. Sterbenz, ITTC, University of KansasSeminar
17-12-2013An Experience of Peer InstructionTalk
27-11-2013The Interaction of Representation and Reasoning by Professor Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
22-11-2013Enterprise First: How to Start a Tech StartupTalk
19-11-2013Evolution of our existing institutional research information infrastructure : a facilitator for Open Science?
14-11-2013StACS Hackathon hosted by Witlr
05-11-2013Intellectual Property – What, why, and how?Seminar
17-10-2013BBC Children in Need Bake Sale
15-10-2013Some Limits of Language: A Perspective from Formal Grammars and Languages by Prof Arvind Joshi, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, USASeminar
06-10-2013ITS & UIST 2013 ConferencesConference
01-10-2013St Andrews Students - Experience with Industrial Internships Seminar
24-09-2013Scaling Skyscanner’s Flight Search & Making Mobile Applications at SkyscannerSeminar
10-09-2013SACHI Seminar: Team-buddy: investigating a long-lived robot companionSeminar
03-09-2013On Normalising Disjunctive Intermediate LogicsSeminar
23-07-2013Jacob Eisenstein: Interactive Topic Visualization for Exploratory Text AnalysisSeminar
16-07-2013SACHI Seminar Gregor Miller, The University of British Columbia, CanadaSeminar
08-07-2013Summer School - Big Data Information VisualisationSummer School
20-06-2013Teaching discussion
11-06-2013SACHI Seminar: A neurodynamical model of luminance perception by Olivier PenacchioSeminar
28-05-2013SACHI Seminar: Modeling and Analyzing development of scripts by Vinodh RajanSeminar
14-05-2013SACHI Seminar: The SUM framework by Kyle MontagueSeminar
07-05-2013SACHI Seminar: Digital tabletops: in the lab and in the wild by Patrick Olivier, Newcastle UniversitySeminar
03-05-2013School Seminar: HCI in Health Care by Jill Freyne -ICT Centre,CSIROColloquium, Seminar
02-05-2013System Seminar: Middleware support for wireless sensor network, by Prof. Danny Hughes, KU Leuven, BelgiumSeminar
30-04-2013Shared User Models and Adaptive Interfaces by Kyle Montague, University of DundeeSeminar
29-04-2013School Seminar: Software Engineering meets Reality: experiences in designing a system for a million different users by Prof Ian Sommerville - University of St AndrewsColloquium
27-04-2013SACHI Conference: Changing Perspectives at CHI 2013Conference
23-04-2013System Seminar: Unifying sensor fault detection with energy conservation, on 23 April, by Lei Fang, University of St AndrewsSeminar
22-04-2013Departmental Seminar - Andy Stanford-ClarkColloquium, Seminar
22-04-2013Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS) at St AndrewsSeminar
17-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
16-04-2013System Seminar: Decentralised Orchestration of Service-oriented Workflows, on 16 April, by Ward Jaradat, University of St AndrewsSeminar
16-04-2013System Seminar: Remote Health Monitoring Using Online Social Media Systems, on 16 April, by Chonlatee KhorakhunSeminar
15-04-2013Interdependence and Predictability of Human Mobility and Social Interactions by Mirco Musolesi University of Birmingham Colloquium, Seminar
10-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-04-2013DLS: Formal Modelling and Analysis of Deployed Systems by Prof Muffy Calder
04-04-2013Talk by Susmit SarkarTalk
03-04-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
01-04-2013School Seminar: Neil MooreSeminar
19-03-2013SACHI Seminar TBCSeminar
19-03-2013Towards Reminder Systems that work by Maria Wolters, University of EdinburghSeminar
14-03-2013Talk by Dr Jost Berthold Thursday 14th MarchSeminar, Talk
13-03-2013Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-03-2013System Seminar: Stochastic Methodologies for Autonomously Evaluating Systems State, on 12th March, by Chris Schneider, University of St AndrewsSeminar
11-03-2013A new Interaction Paradigm for Distributed User Interfaces by Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer, University of KonstanzColloquium, Seminar
05-03-2013SACHI Seminar: Subtle Gaze-Dependent Techniques for Visualising Display Changes in Multi-Display Environments, by Jakub Dostal, University of St. AndrewsSeminar
26-02-2013System Seminar: A Framework for Maintaining Artefact Consistency During Software Development, by Ildiko Pete, University of St AndrewsSeminar
25-02-2013School Seminar: Programs that Write Programs – Is that Interesting?- by Prof Ron Morrison, ...with many ideas from...Colloquium
19-02-2013CANCELLED Unikernels: Functional Library Operating Systems for the Cloud by Anil Madhavapeddy, University of CambridgeSeminar
19-02-2013Visualising movement trajectories in geoinformatics by Dr. Urska Demsar, School for Geography & GeosciencesSeminar
12-02-2013System Seminar: Understanding Ethical Concerns in Social Media Privacy Studies, by Luke Hutton, University of St AndrewsSeminar
11-02-2013Towards reliable and responsible social network research by Tristan Henderson - University of St Andrews Colloquium, Seminar
11-02-2013Confessions of a start-up founder by Prof. Simon Dobson - University of St AndrewsLecture
11-02-2013Confessions of a start-up founderLecture
05-02-2013Sinhalese Text Entry Research by Shyam Reyal, University of St. AndrewsSeminar
29-01-2013Systems Seminar: Coupled Adaptive Complex Network, by Saray Shai, University of St AndrewsSeminar
15-01-2013Multimodal Interaction in Museums by Loraine Clarke, University of StrathclydeSeminar
30-11-2012Graduation November 2012
27-11-2012School Seminar - Mari OstendorfSeminar
27-11-2012Computer Gaming Industry careers: Aardvark Swift presentation – Get in the GameTalk
19-11-2012Seminar by Leo Liberti on "Symmetry in Mathematical Programming", 19th Nov, 11amSeminar
14-11-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
31-10-2012Professor Aaron Quigley Inaugural lectureLecture
31-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
17-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
15-10-2012Distinguished Lecture Series: MySQL and Open Source Business, by Monty WideniusSeminar
15-10-2012Four Geeks and an Entrepreneur
10-10-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
08-10-2012School Seminar - Andy GordonSeminar
01-10-2012School Seminar - Barry BrownSeminar
12-09-2012St Andrews Algorithmic Programming Competition
07-09-2012Forthcoming talk by SICSA Distinguished VisitorSeminar, Talk
04-09-2012Facing Healthcare's Future: Designing Facial Expressivity for Robotic Patient MannequinsSeminar
09-08-2012Soundcomber: A Stealthy and Context-Aware Sound Trojan for Smartphones Seminar
09-08-2012Mobile user study masterclass
02-07-2012Sutton Trust summer schoolSummer School
20-06-2012Graduation Reception
18-06-2012Seminar - Connecting Families over Distance - Dr. Carman NeustaedterColloquium
15-06-2012Workshop on 75 Years of Lambda CalculusWorkshop
15-06-2012Erlang Tutorials and Erlang Factory LiteWorkshop
14-06-2012Technical workshop on Patterns for Multicore (ParaPhrase/Release Projects)Workshop
12-06-2012The 2012 Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming Symposium
11-06-2012The International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in EducationWorkshop
07-06-2012SICSA Summer School on Types and Programming LanguagesSummer School
15-05-2012TayViz - The bi-monthly meeting of the Tayside and Fife network for data visualisationTalk
15-05-2012 Helen Purchase on An Exploration of Interface Visual AestheticsSeminar
11-05-2012Principal's visit
08-05-2012School Seminar by Eoin WoodsColloquium
30-04-2012Quantifying human vision: perception of depth and shape by Julie Harris Colloquium
23-04-2012Seminar, An Overview of the AspeKT Project – Turning Academic Excellence into Gold by Colin AdamsColloquium
18-04-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
11-04-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
27-03-2012The Results Delusion - Systems Seminar by John ThomsonSeminar
21-03-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
19-03-2012Autonomy handover and rich interaction on mobile devices by Simon RodgersColloquium, Seminar
12-03-2012Distinguished Lecture Series:Artificial Life as an approach to Artificial Intelligence, by Professor Larry Yaeger Seminar
10-03-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
05-03-2012A large-scale study of information needs by Karen ChurchColloquium, Seminar
03-03-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
27-02-2012Evolution of Radio Access Networks: Lighting up IQ by Francisco J. Garcia, Agilent Technologies Colloquium
24-02-2012SCOttish Networking Event (SCONE)Workshop
20-02-2012Multimodal mobile interaction - making the most of our users' capabilities by Stephen Brewster, University of GlasgowColloquium
15-02-2012Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
13-02-2012Responsibility Modelling by Prof Ian SommervilleColloquium
11-02-2012Saturday visiting dayVisiting Day
06-02-2012Idris: Verified Systems Programming with Dependent Types by Edwin BradyColloquium
23-01-2012Proactive contextual information retrieval by Samuel KaskiSeminar
07-12-2011Inaugural Lecture: The computer is the new microscope by Professor Simon DobsonLecture
05-12-2011The Dependability of Complex Socio-technical Infrastructure & Smart Grids and Smart Meters: Game Changer, or Serious Danger? by Prof. Ross Anderson
30-11-2011Graduation Reception
28-11-2011Design, Agency and a Sense of Wellbeing by Ann LightColloquium
21-11-2011ParaForming: Forming Parallel Haskell Programs using Novel Refactoring Techniques by Prof Kevin Hammond Colloquium
18-11-2011Workshop on Computational Logic in honour of Roy DyckhoffWorkshop
16-11-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
15-11-2011Creating personalized digital human models of perception for visual analyticsSeminar
14-11-2011Biological Data: Analysis, Visualisation and Prediction by Geoff Barton – Professor of Bioinformatics, College of Life Sciences, University of DundeeColloquium
10-11-2011Proof engineering, from the Four Color to the Odd Order Theorem by Dr Georges Gonthier Seminar
07-11-2011 A Decade of Research on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation:The Quest for Abstraction and Automation by Alan M FrischColloquium
01-11-2011Sword Ciboodle presentation
31-10-2011Friendlists, Followers and Contacts: Using Self-Reported Social Networks to Improve Opportunistic Networks by Gregory BigwoodColloquium
26-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
25-10-2011Amazon presentation
24-10-2011Systems and Security Modelling: From Theory to Practice (Really) by Professor David J. Pym Colloquium
19-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
12-10-2011Undergraduate visiting dayVisiting Day
11-10-2011Augmentative and Alternative Communication across the Lifespan of Individuals with Complex Communication NeedsSeminar
03-10-2011Exploring semantics in situation identification using context lattices by Dr.Juan Ye Colloquium
03-10-2011Alan Frisch Seminar VideoSeminar
30-09-2011MacMillan Coffee Morning (Friday)
29-09-2011Bada Challenge Competition
28-09-2011Welcome Reception for Honours Students
28-09-2011Interaction and Visualization Approaches for Artistic ApplicationsSeminar
27-09-2011Welcome Reception for Postgraduate Students
27-09-2011Learning hard chart constraints for efficient context-free parsing by Brian Roark - Oregon Health & Science UniversityColloquium
23-09-2011Barbecue for Undergraduate StudentsBBQ
22-09-2011Barbecue for MSc StudentsBBQ
21-09-2011Is provenance logical? (James Cheney, University of Edinburgh)Seminar
13-09-2011Measuring the Effectiveness of Abstract Data VisualisationsSeminar
31-08-2011MSc Poster Presentations 2011
29-08-2011Summer school "Advanced techniques in computer algebra systems development"Summer School
22-08-2011Security and Privacy in mHealth systemsSeminar, Talk
29-07-2011Energy-efficient location-awareness on mobile devicesSeminar
26-07-2011The use of regret and forgivenessTalk
26-07-2011Sensing, understanding and modelling people using mobile phonesSeminar
19-07-2011Narrative Generation: a case study in assistive technologySeminar
12-07-2011Evaluation of network resilience and survivability: analysis, simulation, tools, and experimentationSeminar
27-06-2011Summer School on Multimodal Systems for Digital TourismSummer School
26-06-2011Arduino workshopWorkshop
22-06-2011From Recommendation to Reputation: Information Discovery Gets PersonalLecture
05-05-2011Towards Pervasive Personal DataColloquium
Jan Kofroň (Charles University) School SeminarSeminar
Stephen McKenna (Dundee): Recognising Interactions with Objects and People (School Seminar)Seminar
Rachel Menzies (Dundee) School SeminarSeminar
Honorary degree for Professor Dana Scott
Distinguished Speaker Program Tour (Indonesia): Professor Aaron Quigley
Announcement of the 33rd British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science
War Stories: Building new tech products in an uncertain worldSeminar
School Seminar - Kevin MillerSeminar
PhD Reading Party 2010Reading Party