First ever Computer Science Ball

We would like to cordially invite all staff, students, and alumni to this historic CS event in the making. As you know, other schools in St Andrews have their own annual ball e.g. chem-ball, physics-ball, bull-and-bear (economics) ball etc. For a while, we have wanted our own CS ball – and thanks to a team of keen MSc students and sponsorship from the School of Computer Science – the ball is finally happening!

The tickets available from are priced at £39.95, which includes:

  • Full 3 course dinner (starter, main, dessert) with 4 options each to choose from – including vegan/vegetarian/pescaterian options and adjustments for Halal etc.
  • A glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic mocktail
  • A Ceilidh till midnight
  • Return transport by coach from St Andrews to The Old Manor Hotel

The ball will strengthen our sense of fellowship, between all staff and students, and not least as a school. But as you all know very well, we are not just a school, we are a family – the St Andrews #csfamily. Hope to see many of you there!


Info and files provided by Shyam Reyal

Computer Science: June Graduation 2017

Congratulations to our Senior Honours Class of 2017, MSci Honours students and our PhD students Dr Anne-Marie Mann, Dr Ildiko Pete, Dr Yuchen Zhao and Dr Michael Mauderer, who graduated on Wednesday. Students were invited to a reception in the School prior to the ceremony, to celebrate their achievement with staff, friends and family. We echo the sentiments expressed by our Head of School, Professor Steve Linton, during his Graduation address.

“For what you have achieved here, we are so proud of you. For what you will achieve, we wait eagerly and will always be proud. And wherever you are, we hope you will always regard St Andrews as a place you can call home.”

Our graduates will indeed move on to a wide variety of interesting and challenging employment and further study opportunities, and we wish them all well with their future careers.

Images courtesy of Annemarie Paton and Ryo Yanagida.

DHSI Seminar Series (Digital Health Science Initiative)

Event details

  • When: 14th June 2017 12:00 - 14:00
  • Where: N Haugh, St Andrews
  • Format: Seminar


Seminar Room 1 School of Medicine

12:00: Alex Baldacchino- Introduction

12:15: Ognjen Arandjelović & Aniqa Aslam- Understanding Fatal and Non-Fatal Drug Overdose Risk Factors in Fife: Overdose Risk (OdRi) tool

12:45: Damien Williams & Fergus Neville- Transdermal alcohol monitoring

13:15: David Harris-Birtill & David Morrison- Narco Cat – waste water analysis in substance misuse – a novel epidemiological tool

13:15 – 14.00: All Questions & Opportunities

Dr. Ornela Dardha’ talk: Session Types Revisited

Event details

  • When: 4th July 2017 14:00 - 15:00
  • Where: N Haugh, St Andrews
  • Format: Seminar

Event Location: School of Medicine, Seminar room 1

Session types are a formalism to model structured communication-based programming. A session type describes communication by specifying the type and direction of data exchanged between two parties. We show that session types are encodable in more primitive and foundational pi-calculus types. Besides providing an expressivity result, the encoding: (i) removes redundancies in the syntax of session types, and (ii) yields standard properties of session types as straightforward corollaries, exploiting the corresponding properties of standard typed pi-calculus. The robustness of the encoding is tested on a few extensions of session types, including subtyping, polymorphism, and higher-order communications. In this talk we present the encoding, some of its applications and recent developments.


Simon Fowler Seminar: First-Class Distributed Session Types

Event details

  • When: 5th June 2017 13:00 - 14:00
  • Where: Cole 1.33a
  • Format: Seminar

Session types codify communication patterns, giving developers guarantees that applications satisfy predefined protocols. Session types have come a long way from their theoretical roots: recent work has seen the implementation of static analysis tools; embeddings into a multitude of programming languages; and the integration of session types into languages as a first-class language construct.

Work at Edinburgh has concentrated on the latter. Lindley and Morris have extended the experimental functional programmming language Links with session-typed hannels in a multithreaded setting.

Distribution, however, brings challenges such as failure and the need for distributed channel delegation algorithms. In this talk, I will demonstrate and discuss the design and implementation of session types in Links. I will describe my recent work on adding support for distribution to Links, allowing the creation of session-typed, multi-user web applications.

Finally, I will describe recent, in-progress, work on a static type system and semantics allowing the controlled relaxation of the requirement of *linearity* (that
every endpoint must be used exactly once) to that of affinity (that every endpoint must be used at most once) in order to account for the question of users leaving a session midway through, and describe how the system still retains core metatheoretic pro

Best Final Year Student at Lovelace 2017

We are delighted to congratulate Iveta Dulova, who attended the 10th BCSWomen  Lovelace Colloquium, and walked away with the prize for “Best Final Year Student”. Iveta’s poster, titled “SensorCube: An end-to-end framework for conducting research via mobile sensing“, was based on her final year project supervised by Dr Juan Ye.

The event was held at Aberystwyth University on April 12, 2017. Also attending from St Andrews were Chloe Collins, competing in the second year category with the poster “Pedal to the metal – the role of technology in transportation” and Laura Brewis with her poster “What percentage of solitaire games are actually winnable?”.

It showed great commitment for these three students to undertake the lengthy trip at a busy time of semester. Like St Andrews, Aberystwyth, is a beautiful small seaside town with an excellent Computer Science department.  Iveta took a couple of photos showing off the beach and the campus.

Alex Bain completes 2017 London Marathon

Congratulations to School Manager Alex Bain, who completed the London Marathon again this year, raising funds for Guide Dogs. Alex, runner no 40807 is pictured below with his finisher’s medal. Donations to recognise his achievement and the training involved, can be made via his Justgiving page. Read more about his fundraising on KingdomFM.