School Seminar – Barry Brown

Mobility in vivo

Barry Brown, Co-director Mobile Life, University of Stockholm
The Mobile VINN Excellence Centre

Despite the widespread use of mobile devices, details of mobile technology use ‘in the wild’ have proven difficult to collect. For this study we uses video data to gain new insight into the use of mobile computing devices. Screen-captures of smartphone use, combined with video recordings from wearable cameras, allow for the analysis of the detail of device use in a variety of activity and settings. We use this data to describe how mobile device use is threaded into other co-present activities, focusing on the use of maps and internet searches to support users on a day-trip. Close analysis of the video data reveals novel aspects of how gestures are used on touch screens, in that they form a resource for the ongoing coordination of joint action. We go on to describe how the local environment and information in the environment are combined to guide and support action. In conclusion, we argue for the mobility of mobile devices being as much about this interweaving of activity and device use, as it is about physical portability.

Barry Brown

Event details

  • When: 1st October 2012 15:00 - 16:00
  • Where: Phys Theatre C
  • Format: Seminar