Junior Honours: Software Team Project 2017

Earlier today our Junior Honours students presented their Team Projects. The projects involve substantial team based software engineering and rely heavily on collaborative development. There are many aspects of software and professional development along with considerable inter-team and intra-team collaborations. This year the students were asked to develop a version of the Settlers of Catan with AI players. They were further asked to make their games interoperate so one teams AI or human player might play on another teams game and board.

The teams demonstrated lots of creativity with the use of software tools, approaches to AI, use of domain specific languages, remote services, games environments, graphics development, collaborative frameworks and many tools for software engineering project development. Thanks to all the students, supervisors and coordinators for their hard work this year.

We wish all our junior honours students success with their forthcoming exams and we look forward to seeing them again for their senior honours year in September.

Images and text courtesy of Professor Aaron Quigley

Junior Honours: Software Team Projects 2016

Our hard working and creative Junior Honours students finalised their team projects last week, and showcased the results of their year long endeavors at a project demo afternoon. This year’s JH projects involved implementing a system for online collaborative editing. Staff and students are pictured discussing the projects and testing out the various text, graphics and sound editing systems.



April in Computer Science: Poster Presentations and World Domination

The Senior Honours students presented their posters and final year software artifacts to staff and students last week. The best poster accolade and associated amazon voucher was presented to Callum Hyland for his poster – Android: Smoking Cessation, behavioural pattern prediction through spatial and temporal modelling. We wish them well with exam revision and look forward to seeing them at June graduation.



The Junior Honours students finalised their team projects last Friday and competed for world domination. This year the project involved implementing a multi-player peer-to-peer world domination game, with AI. We await news of which team dominated the CS world for a time on Friday.


Images courtesy of Lisa Dow and Simone Conte

St Andrews Programming Competition 2014

Event details

  • When: 7th April 2014 14:00 - 17:00
  • Where: Cole 0.35 - Subhons Lab


The St Andrews Programming Competition 2014 is a friendly programming contest organised by the School of Computer Science for students belonging to all levels, coming from any background with any amount of programming experience. Team up with up to 3 members per team, compete for 3 hours by solving a set of programming problems using your favourite programming language and win £200 worth of prizes.

Generally, programming competitions are aimed at the best programmers, this is a first-of-its-kind competition where students from all levels with any amount of programming experience stand a chance to win a prize. Another unique aspect of this competition is that it has also open to members of staff from the School of Computer Science, making this a fun experience and a bonding opportunity for staff and students.

Students can use this opportunity gain valuable exposure to solving quick algorithmic programming questions – of the style that may come up in job interviews, where candidates are required to solve problems on the fly while being observed. Such interview practices are common among many companies nowadays including Google.

For more details and registration visit: http://goo.gl/I78Hyf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stapc14
Twitter: @stapc14

If you have any questions, please email Shyam on smr20@st-andrews.ac.uk

The event, prizes and refreshments will be sponsored by AetherStore.

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Junior Honours Team Project

The Honours Lab proved rather lively this afternoon as the JH team projects draw to a close. The students have been exploring OpenSimulator with a view to creating a 3D Interactive St Andrews. Demonstrations highlighted a variety of research areas ranging from social media scraping to NPCs conversing about historical St Andrews. Good effort everyone! Enjoy the Cakes.

CS3102 Data Communications & Networks

The CS3102 students have been working on a variety of OpenSim projects and produced some interesting and original interactive simulations.

Imaginative virtual environments were used to explain a variety of topics including cellular networks, wireless networks, cloud computing, network topologies and denial of service. We caught up with them last week as they finalised their practical work.

Great work everyone.