Job Vacancy: Research Fellow in Computer Science

WORKANDHOME is an interdisciplinary project between the School of Computer Science and the School of Geography, which investigates how home-based businesses are shaping society and space. The research explores how this transformation of work-residence relations has implications on economic activity, economic spaces, city models, the meaning of the home, the role of the neighbourhood and residential choices. Social science research and computer sciences will be integrated to record and predict the consequences of changing activity/networking patterns for future cities through computational network analysis and agent-based modelling. A component of the WORKANDHOME project involves conducting a survey of households in selected UK cities. Individuals’ activities and social networks – both in physical space and virtual space activities will be tracked using mobile devices, social media applications and a web-browser plug-in.

You will work as a Researcher and Engineering Lead for a number of software components which will facilitate a UK-wide survey. Firstly, a mobile phone application (Android and iPhone) which will utilise GPS data in order to measure location, distance travelled etc. as well as reporting the purpose of trips (e.g., shopping, bringing children to school) and types of social contacts (e.g., business supplier, friend). Secondly, for tracking activities in social networks, apps for several social media networks will be developed (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). These will record activities through mobile phones and PCs/laptops (location of contact and frequency). Finally, a web-browser plug-in for a popular browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox will be used in order to report browsing history to a database in St Andrews.

This research will be undertaken in the School of Computer Science at the renowned University of St Andrews. This is a unique opportunity to work at the cutting edge of systems research. Come join us in St Andrews.

For an informal discussion about the post you are welcome to contact Dr Adam Barker.

Fixed term: Full time for 12 months or Part time for 24 months
Salary: £31,342 per annum
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