Academic Skills Project – Workshop 1A: Securing Internships and Job Placements

This is the first part of a 4-part workshop. Details are as follows:

Date and time: 24th Sept 4.30PM – 6.30PM

Venue: Jack Cole 1.33A/B

Workshop Leader: Shyam Reyal (smr20)

Sign up here: (Only 3 days left)

 Workshop 1A (24th September) Contents:

  • Introduction to the internship recruitment process
  • Panel discussion on the most important aspects of securing an internship/job placement
    • Facing the programming interview
    • Enhancing your required skills and CV
  • Sharing internship experiences by current/returning Computer Science Honours and PhD students
    • Shyam Reyal, Peter Josling, Robin Nabel (Google)
    • Simone Conte (Adobe)
    • Ilia Shumailov (Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase)
    • Gala Malbasic (Makers Academy)
    • Maria Kustikova (Soliton Systems)
    • Nick Tikhonov (Amazon)
  • Informal networking session

Some points of discussion are highlighted below:

  • What to expect during the recruitment / selection process
  • How to enhance your resume/portfolio to boost your chances of getting an interview
  • How to prepare for ‘the programming interview’
  • What skills/qualifications should be developed to improve your chances, and how

Future Workshops:

Workshop 1B – 1st Oct

  • Detailed workshop on enhancing your online presence and portfolio, preparing for ‘the programming interview’

Workshop 1C – 19th Nov

  • Interactive session on solving interview style programming problems in a time constrained scenario

Workshop 1D – 26th Nov

  • Practice/mock interview session with feedback for improvement

Our ultimate objective is to see our students secure more, high quality internships/job placements in high-end tech companies and/or start-ups!

This workshop is targeted at honours and masters students. However, keen sub-honours students and PhD students are welcome. We believe it is never too early or too late to start looking for internships and developing your skills. Refreshments will be provided!


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