The technology driving the evolution of internet advertising, targeted advertising or intrusive surveillance?

Event details

  • When: 27th February 2017 14:00 - 15:00
  • Where: Cole 1.33b
  • Format: Colloquium, Seminar


 Tim Palmer read Computational Science in St Andrews graduating in 1993.

 Initially working for Oracle in London then San Francisco, he went on to work in Investment Banking Technology for over a decade.

 Most recently Tim was CTO for The Exchange Lab – a programmatic marketing company.

 He is now Senior Partner in Digiterre, a technology consultancy working for a wide variety of software projects across London.



 In 1997 internet advertising consisted of simple “click me” banner adverts.

 By 2011 around two hundred digital marketing firms followed us around the internet encouraging us to “complete that purchase”.

 Today more than four thousand technology firms provide marketing technology seemingly to help us keep track of The Kardashians.

 In the seminar, a simple HTML and JavaScript snippet will be used to explain the basics of digital marketing; how these building blocks are making fortunes for some and providing free internet for everyone; and how the technology presents a real challenge to protect our online privacy.

 Or to put it another way, the 8 Most Shocking Secrets of Digital Marketing – you won’t believe the 7th one.