Our Themes

Artificial Intelligence

Making computers do things that are traditionally thought of as requiring human intelligence.

Computing in Everyday Life

Innovative applications of existing computing technologies and techniques to interesting problems in everyday life.

Computer Systems

Interdisciplinary research that covers the broad areas of distributed systemsnetworked systemssensor systems and data-intensive systems.

Health Informatics

Using data analysis, simulation, and formal methods to improve diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients.

Human Computer Interaction

Multidisciplinary study of the interaction between computer technology and humans.

Programming Languages

Programming languages enable humans to tell a computer what to do. Our research makes programming languages as easy to use as possible. Making software safer, more secure and more performant.  

Research Software

Research software is any software used to generate, process or analyse research results. It can range from a few lines of code written by a researcher themselves to a large software package.

Computer Science

Demonstrations of projects and assignments from across our teaching modules and courses.