Health Informatics

What we do

Using data analysis, simulation, and formal methods to improve diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients.

Theme Lead

David Harris Birtill

David Harris-Birtill

Health Informatics at Computer Science St Andrews

Application Areas

  • Simulating the spread of infection. 
  • Detection and segmentation (highlighting) of cancer in medical images using deep learning (AI). This helps with diagnosis and treatment.
  • Measuring people’s vital signs (heart rate and oxygen level) at a distance using cameras and signal processing. Reducing infection risk and measuring multiple people at once.
  • Methods to detect and resolve problems in polypharmacy, avoiding inappropriate drug therapies and guaranteeing medication safety.

Research Topics

  • Simulating epidemics and disease with complex networks
  • Medical Technology
  • Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning
  • Security and privacy of healthcare systems

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