St Andrews Computer Science alumni have gone on to have significant impact on the world of business and academia worldwide. Coming from all over the globe, our current students are highly skilled and creative and we are proud to demonstrate their work alongside our staff.

The open day will have over 40 student projects on display.


Throughout the course of a standard degree in St Andrews, our students will work in a variety of placements. We are keen to discuss internship opportunities.

Student Societies

Our students have four separate societies representing various aspects of their work and interests. Each of them runs numerous events, hosts guest talks and competes in various national and international competitions. They will all be represented at the open day.


Women in Computer Science (WICS) at St Andrews was created to promote and encourage fellow women and minorities in technology. We aim to create a support system for women and marginalised people within Computer Science at St. Andrews through our events, including collaborations with other societies and our premium sponsors.

This year we’ve hosted a 4-week beginner’s Python course for non-Computer Science students, an imposter syndrome workshop, an ideation workshop, multiple pub quizzes, ‘coffee breaks’, sponsor events, and much more!

We want to change the mindset of society regarding women and minorities in technology and work towards a world where Computer Science is not a male-dominated subject!


St Andrews Computing Society (STACS) aims to provide a platform for students to learn and share their knowledge and passion for technology and computing. We are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue careers in technology. Through various events, including workshops, talks, hackathons, and social events, we provide our members with opportunities to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. The society also collaborates with industry partners to provide students with valuable insights and networking opportunities. 

This year we hosted our 9th annual STACSHACK, a 24-hour hackathon with various sponsors, many pub quizzes, entrepreneurship workshops, events with leading specialists in the industry, and much more! 

Our goal is to foster a culture of innovation, learning, and collaboration amongst our members and support their academic and professional growth here in St Andrews!


The Competitive Programming St Andrews (CPSTA) is an organisation specifically designed for the opportunities of competitions and workshops in relation to competitive programming.

Competitive programming is an e-sport in which participants solve mathematical problems using their coding skills and knowledge of algorithms and computation. The popularity of competitive programming is expanding worldwide, and there are loads of competitions held by various types of organisations including universities and companies today.

CPSTA provides workshops to enhance and share our knowledge of algorithms. In addition, we host programming competitions on a regular basis. In the workshops, we delve into well-known algorithms in relation to graph theory such as breadth first search, depth first search, and Dijkstra algorithms, which are all consequential concepts in order to enable computations applied to a variety of systems such as navigation. In competitions, we release problems of core importance in understanding the basic algorithms and the competitions main aim to reduce the use of computational resources. The competitions are such a fabulous opportunity to hone your algorithmic (plus coding) skills. 

Also, CPSTA is a pool of candidate students from which we send teams to external competitions within and outwith the UK. We function as a hub of competitive programming at the University. 

In the future, we’re expecting to expand the competitions and workshops, and sending more teams to external competitions across the world. Welcome to CPSTA.