Computer Science

Projects from our Computer science undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

A selection of some interesting and inspiring work from practicals and coursework completed by our students during the this academic year.

Our Featured Projects this Year

  • New money for old rope; repurposing open knowledge from Wikidata

    In Honours year, students are required to understand a substantial piece of research as part of their Honours project. This year, five students have undertaken projects inspired by Wikidata, the Glasgow Women’s Library, and the Scottish Brick Museum. This poster outlines the pracalities involved in collaborating with external partners on Honours projects. Keywords Open Knowledge,…

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  • World of Wikidata

    The Junior Honours module is compulsory and taken by all third year Computer Science students. This year, they were tasked with creating visualisations connected to Wiki Projects using information from Wikidata. These Wiki projects included Film & TV, Paleontology & Dinosaurs, Sports, Video Games, and Weather. This poster will discuss the practicalities of integrating external…

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  • Steganographic Messaging

    From the Greek “steganographia”, steganography means “covered writing”. It’s about hiding messages within other things, like images or audio, to communicate secretly. Steganographic algorithms hide data but don’t fully ensure covert communication. This study focuses on complete systems for secret communication. Previous attempts had mixed success, with some easily exposed. This research explores alternate means…

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  • Minesweeper Hint System

    Imagine playing Minesweeper and getting stuck. This system uses smart techniques to assist your gameplay. It combined two solving methods: constraint programming, which helps narrow down where mines might be based on the rules of the game, and probability, which calculates the likelihood of a tile containing a mine. So, when you’re don’t know which…

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  • Delivery Routing Constrained by Customer Availability

    Every day, delivery drivers face the challenge of finding the best route to take for their deliveries, to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. To complicate things, customers are now often able to specify time windows during which they are available to receive deliveries, and companies must now plan around these time windows to ensure customer…

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  • Web Technologies

    As part of a broad restructuring of our postgraduate teaching, we are refactoring and refocussing our teaching of web technologies. Our aim is to give a solid understanding of core concepts and technologies, to give experience in widely used libraries and frameworks, and to look toward emerging trends in web development. This poster will present…

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  • Students’ Perspectives on Learning Analytics

    Collecting students’ perspectives on learning analytics to inform guidelines and create mock-up designs for the university to implement. Q: What are learning analytics? A: Data on the learner that is analysed and presented back to the learner to aid or motivate their learning. You may have seen these as graphs on sites such as Coursera…

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  • MSc in Software Engineering

    Following a review of all our in-person MSc programmes, the MSc Software Engineering programme is being revised to bring it up to date, provide coverage of some of the important topics in this vast area, and to prepare students for careers in both industry and academia. New modules will be introduced and current modules will…

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