Research Software

What we do

Research software is any software used to generate, process or analyse research results. It can range from a few lines of code written by a researcher themselves to a large software package.

The best way to enable research software to be more robust and widely used is to collaborate with a research software engineer, who will combine professional software engineering expertise with an in-depth understanding of research.

Theme Lead

Olexandr Konovalov

Olexandr Konovalov

Research Software at Computer Science St Andrews

Application Areas

  • Discrete computational algebra
  • Health informatics
  • Data analytics
  • Marine acoustics

Research Topics

  • Interdisciplinary computational research  
  • Development of underpinning research software 
  • Training in scientific computing 
  • Studies in research software aspects 

Our Featured Projects this Year

  • Digraphs for GAP and VIP

    “Digraphs” is a package for the computational algebra system GAP that has been in development and use here in St Andrews since 2014. It provides usable tools and algorithms for directed graphs, a concept that arises in many fields of Mathematics and Computer Science. A cross-disciplinary group between CS and Maths maintains the package and…

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