Computing in Everyday Life

What we do

Computing in everyday life is about the innovative application of existing computing technologies and techniques to interesting problems in everyday life. This theme is interdisciplinary by nature and it draws on aspects of all our other themes.

Theme Lead

Dharini Balasubramaniam

Application Areas

  • Sustainability
  • Teaching of computer science (schools, higher education and learning with older adults)
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurial education
  • Home Automation (tech in the home)
  • Technology for health and wellbeing
  • App and software design for older adults
  • Accessible software

Research Topic

  • Estimating carbon emissions from conference travel
  • Novel techniques for managing lab sessions
  • Digital Literacy for older adults
  • Innovative methods for studying adolescent health
  • Embedding Ethics into the curriculum
  • Novel techniques for teaching a Computer Science Curriculum

Our Featured Projects this Year

  • Persuading Sustainable Consumption

    This project aimed to examine the barriers to behaviour change and delve into potential solutions for achieving a more sustainable future through the use of technology. The exhibit will involve examples of protypes and ideas considered during the project as well as encouraging everyone to get involved and share their own visions of how they…

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  • Wiki Loves Monuments

    Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo competition held annually, which aims to increase the quality and quantity of openly licensed images of monuments and listed buildings available on the Wikimedia Project. The first UK competition was held in 2013, and it has grown since then. Our projects aim to make participating in Wiki Loves…

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  • Routezy: Route Generator

    Routezy streamlines your road trip planning process. This intuitive app reimagines the way we explore, offering a seamless blend of technology and adventure. With Routezy, planning road trips becomes effortless, guiding you to specially curated points of interest which align with your ideal holiday. Keywords Dissertation, Mobile Development, TSP, Computing in Everyday Life Staff [Ruth…

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