System Seminar: Remote Health Monitoring Using Online Social Media Systems, on 16 April, by Chonlatee Khorakhun

Event details

  • When: 16th April 2013 13:00 - 14:00
  • Where: Cole 1.33a
  • Format: Seminar


Remote monitoring is considered an essential part of future eHealth systems to enable the delivery of healthcare outside clinical sites at reduced cost, while improving quality of patient care. We examine the use of online social networks for re- mote health monitoring. By exploiting the existing infrastructure, initial costs can be reduced and fast application development is possible. Facebook is used as an example platform: as a platform allowing user-defined applications, development is flexible and can be arranged quickly to suit different requirements of patients and health professionals. We analyse the general requirements of a remote monitoring scenario and the process of building and using a Facebook application to meet these requirements. Four different access viewpoints are implemented to suit the requirements of each user in our example scenario to form a carer network: the patient, the doctor in charge, professional carers, and family members of the patient. The suitability of the application is analysed including security and privacy issues. We conclude that online social media systems could offer a suitable platform for developing certain types of remote monitoring capability.


Chonlatee Khorakhun is a second year PhD student, supervised by Prof. Saleem Bhatti. Before coming to St. Andrews, Chonlatee had completed an M.Sc. in Information and Communication Systems at University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg and worked in industry in Germany.