Summer School – Big Data Information Visualisation

Event details

  • When: 8th July 2013 - 12th July 2013
  • Format: Summer School

SACHI the St Andrews Computer Human Interaction research group and the Big Data Lab St Andrews are pleased to announce they will jointly run a SICSA supported “Big Data Information Visualisation” summer school in 2013. This summer school is concerned with the processing, management and hence presentation of “big data”, in an intelligible form with information visualisation techniques and methods. Data-intensive researchers talk about the “three Vs” of Big Data: Volume, Velocity and Variety (see CACM post). In this summer school we aim to demystify the concept of big data by introducing a systematic, scientific and rigorous approach to tackling it. We take a blended theory and practice approach here, by providing both theoretical underpinnings and practical use of the infrastructure to process big-data and the means to understand it with information visualisation.

See the SACHI website for more details.