May 18th, Data Science Seminar Series or “a Summer of V’s”

Event details

  • When: 18th May 2015 13:30 - 17:00
  • Where: St Andrews
  • Format: Seminar, Symposium

The Sum­mer of V’s is an excit­ing series of four events on the Four V’s of Data Sci­ence: Vera­city, Vari­ety, Velo­city and Volume. The series is coordin­ated by the new Insti­tute of Data Intens­ive Research at the Uni­ver­sity of St Andrews. How­ever, these events don’t simply tar­get groups in Sci­ence, Medi­cine or the Human­it­ies but instead all three across the Uni­ver­sity. The series aims to take a cross cut­ting theme approach with a few speak­ers present­ing on a shared aspect of data. Our aim is to bal­ance the speak­ers from across the Uni­ver­sity and as a res­ult meet­ings are rel­ev­ant to all dis­cip­lines across the University.

The first event start­s with lunch from 1.30pm on 18th May at the Bell Pet­ti­grew Museum and Bute Lec­ture Theatre A.

To register and for all the details visit the IDIR page