NSS 2015: Computer Science Students 100% Satisfied

The results of the 2015 National Student Survey (NSS) were released this week and 100% of our students reported themselves “satisfied” with 93% responding that they were “very satisfied” with their course.

The School was also rated highly in a number of other categories including “Staff are good at explaining things”, “Feedback on my work has helped me to clarify things i didn’t understand”, “The course has helped me present myself with confidence” and “As a result of the course I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems”.

The NSS collects satisfaction levels from undergraduate students in the UK, via a survey. The survey is sent to all students in the UK a few months before they graduate and gets a very high return rate.

We are delighted that our recent graduates (pictured below) feel so positive about their student experience and wish them every success with future endeavours.

Computer Science: Senior Honours 2015

Computer Science: Senior Honours 2015