Junior Honours Team Project

The Honours Lab proved rather lively this afternoon as the JH team projects draw to a close. The students have been exploring OpenSimulator with a view to creating a 3D Interactive St Andrews. Demonstrations highlighted a variety of research areas ranging from social media scraping to NPCs conversing about historical St Andrews. Good effort everyone! Enjoy the Cakes.

Virtual Worlds for Immersive Learning

Alan Miller and Ishbel Duncan are running a special session at CSEDU 2013 (in May in Aachen) on using Virtual Worlds for learning. Levels of learning, applicable learning theories, student interaction, avatar interaction, learning contexts and evaluation are all open for discussion.
The due date for papers is February 27 2013 and more information can be found on

Virtual Worlds at Sensation

Weekend at Sensation

It’s been a busy weekend for the virtual worlds group. The reconstructed St Andrews Cathedral and other ongoing projects, were on display at Sensation in Dundee as part of the “Create and Inspire” initiative.

Friday involved organised school visits and Saturday and Sunday proved busy with members of the public entering the reconstruction to speak to Robert the Bruce and take a guided tour.

The visitors book recorded some great comments, extracts from this will be posted shortly, on the Virtual Worlds Blog.