New MSci (Hons) in Computer Science (5 years)

MSci (Hons) in Computer Science (5 years)

The MSci (Honours) in Computer Science is an exciting new integrated masters degree that is being introduced for 2013 entry. It takes place over five years, with an option for direct entry into the second year. Qualified students can therefore graduate with a Masters degree in four years.

The first three years of the MSci are shared with the BSc programmes. In the final two years, you can choose among modules at 4000 and 5000 (Masters) level, enabling both breadth and depth across the discipline.

The final year is spent in 5000 level modules as well as an advanced project. This may take the form of a project within the School, an industrial placement or a research internship, enabling MSci students to build skills that are useful for both academic and industrial careers.

Further information is available through the School Website.