Talk on complex networks

Event details

  • When: 4th November 2014 14:00 - 15:00
  • Where: Cole 1.33
  • Format: Seminar

Simon Dob­son will give a sem­inar on com­plex net­works on Tuesday afternoon, 4 Novem­ber, in the School of Com­puter Science.

Com­plex net­works and com­plex pro­cesses
Simon Dob­son and Saray Shai

Net­work sci­ence is a set of tech­niques com­bin­ing com­puter sci­ence and stat­ist­ical graph the­ory over very large graphs. From a mod­el­ling perspect­ive, these sys­tems provide an inter­act­ing set of abstrac­tions for com­plex pro­cesses, that may be applic­able to a whole range of applic­a­tion domains. Under­stand­ing these sys­tems involves both mathematical ana­lysis and numer­ical sim­u­la­tion at a large scale.

In this talk we intro­duce the basic ideas of net­work sci­ence, review some recent res­ults from our work, and explore some pos­sible aven­ues for future research.