MSc student participates in CERN School of Computing and the ACM Europe Summer School

MSc student Saad Memon participated in the CERN School of Computing 2019 and the ACM Europe Summer School 2019 in HPC Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications.

CERN School of Computing (CSC 2019) involved a series of lectures and practical exercises over a two-week period. The Summer School is open to postgraduate students and research workers at CERN or at external institutes. Participants are generally attracted by the advanced topics that are taught. A limited number of places are available and all applications go through a selection process. Further details can be found on their school website.

The ACM summer school is open to outstanding MSc students and senior undergraduate students, this year successful participants spent a week in Barcelona, attending formal lectures during the mornings and practical sessions in the afternoons. Prof. Silvio Micali, Turing Award laureate and MIT Professor, gave a Turing lecture on “ALGORAND. The distributed Ledger for the Borderless Economy”.

Group picture of ACM Particpants

Saad receiving certificate from Fabrizio Gagliardi, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Saad completed his MSc in Dependable Software Systems here in the School.

iVoLVER receives Best Demo Jury Award at ACM ISS

The iVoLVER system, created by Gonzalo Méndez and Miguel Nacenta from the SACHI group at the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, received Best Demo Jury Award at the ACM Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ACM ISS) conference last week.

ACM ISS 2017, took place in Brighton, UK and selects a different location each year, with Tokyo, Japan selected as next year’s destination. The conference is a premier venue for research that studies how people interact in smart spaces and surfaces and how to design and engineer solutions for novel interfaces.

iVoLVER is a web-based visual programming environment that enables anyone to transform visualizations that they find in-the-wild (e.g., in a poster or a newspaper) into new visualizations that are more useful for them. Congratulations to the iVoLVER team. You can try out the open source iVoLVER prototype using a browser.

An example iVoLVER interface

Best Demo Jury Award

Computing Reviews’ Notable Books and Articles 2012

ACM Computing Reviews has selected a recent survey paper written by Per Ola Kristensson and colleagues as one of the Notable Computing Books and Articles of 2012.

The list consists of nominations from Computing Reviews reviewers, Computing Reviews category editors, the editors in chief of journals covered by Computing Reviews, and others in the computing community.

The selected survey paper is entitled “Foundational Issues in Touch-Surface Stroke Gesture Design — An Integrative Review” and it was published by the journal Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction in 2012.