Junior Honours: Software Team Project 2017

Earlier today our hard working Junior Honours students presented their Team Projects. The projects involve substantial team based software engineering and rely heavily on collective development. There are many aspects of software and professional development along with considerable inter-team and intra-team collaborations. This year the students were asked to develop a software product intended for use by the School of Medicine. The teams demonstrated lots of creativity in developing back end, HCI and Machine learning aspects for their artefact. Thanks to all the students, supervisors and coordinators for their hard work this year. We wish all our junior honours students success with their forthcoming exams and we look forward to seeing them again for senior honours in September.

Junior Honours: Software Team Projects 2016

Our hard working and creative Junior Honours students finalised their team projects last week, and showcased the results of their year long endeavors at a project demo afternoon. This year’s JH projects involved implementing a system for online collaborative editing. Staff and students are pictured discussing the projects and testing out the various text, graphics and sound editing systems.