Connect 4 anyone?

The subhonours lab was busy with the Connect 4 challenge this morning. Students taking CS1006 Programming Projects worked in pairs in a round-robin format, in which every duo plays every other once. Congratulations to Hamish and Mariya who won today’s challenge and received Amazon Vouchers as a reward.

Thursday Afternoon In Computer Science

Life in the Comp Sci Labs

The MSc lab in the John Honey building was busy with IT students holding initial group work meetings, for their next assignment. The advanced network students were networking, in a virtual sense, using WI-FI island.

Yemliha and Umer looked occupied in the HCI lab. A number of 3rd and 4th year students were busy with Project work in The Honours lab. Alas Davie and Jim were busy elsewhere.

Attendance in the 1st and 2nd year sub-honours lab, in the Jack Cole building, could be indicative of an imminent deadline. Modelling of various persuasions appeared to be the focus.

Computer Science Gamefest

A small Gamefest in the sub honours lab on Wednesday proved successful and attracted some of our new undergraduate students.

Comp Sci staples Pizza and Irn Bru provided sustenance for the afternoon session of Mario Kart and Call of Duty.

The 2010/11 CS1006 Othello competition

On Wednesday 11th of May 2011 the first year module CS1006: Programming Projects finished with its traditional competition. The competition centres around a 2-player strategy game (Othello this year) for which the students have developed an Artificial Intelligence player as part of the last of the four projects on the module. These AI players are pitted against each other in order to determine the champion AI of the year.
Here are the competitors (plus a few hangers-on and referees):

CS1006 Othello Competitors

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